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growing up i shared a Nintendo with my extended family, while eventually having my own Sega Genesis.
Later as a kid me and a buddy would be renting out an Atari Jaguar from a shop at the business district every weekend, which would be my 1st exp with first-person shooters and 3d gaming (AvP).
My grandma would give me a dollar or 2, to which myself and another friend ran to the pizza shop so to play Killer Instinct arcade machine. More later, my stepfather would show me how to use a computer, and thus became addicted to StarCraft for about a year.
Teen years i played thru Final Fantasy 7&8, but gaming habits were slow because of high school bullshit and a fast food job.
My mother bought me an N64 with a Zelda game bundle for Christmas... yet the next morning I asked if we could return it because I wanted Xenogears for Playstation.
I picked up a DreamCast on the cheap for my little bro. He played the Sonic games, I played Project Justice.
Gamers Republic and Play Magazine had been my gaming mags up until the Sonic360-Halverson fiasco.
Today, I am a one console gamer not for the wars, but for my budget and the fact that i dont have nearly as much time to game as i would like. Typing this blog on a netbook, thus my pc gaming has only to do with flash games. Looking forward to the 3ds (perhaps a Ridge Racer 3DS launch!)
Participating in gaming blog/forum culture is hilariously dramatic, so here i am. I forget how exactly i was lead to Destructoid though, it was probably a sterling review.