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"Gaijin Charenji 1 kiss or kill" is born


I made a game. Wouhouhou I made A GAME !!!!

it's my first. it's something.
I decided during the summer of 2017. I did not find any interest in my job as a developer in a software company. And then I think I needed to prove to myself that I was able to do something alone.

I started and I trained at Unity via Udemy classes.

In September 2017 I started my game.
I had a basic idea. Make a Shoot-Them-Up.
So I started by setting up the gameplay mechanics of a twin-stick shooter.
then the ideas are grafted as and when.
I worked two days a week on my game. The rest of the time I was working at my employer, noting the ideas that went through my head.
I loved this creative period. and then the number of ideas exploded, it went in all directions. It's weird, but I could not explain to people my game or what it would look like. And yet I was convinced of something.

It took me two years of work. At the beginning half time, then the evenings and weekends, to finally leave "Gaijin Charenji 1: Kiss or Kill" on Xbox one.

I succeeded, I did, and the kid deep inside me and proud of what he did.

This game is atypical, really not conventional, it looks like me.

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