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gaming and the art of motorcycle maintenance.

On October 5th 2010 I was blinded by the light... of an oncoming white Chevy Silverado that failed to yield during a left turn. A Chevy Silverado that knocked me off my white 1966 Honda CA95, twenty feet through the air, crushed my left hand pinky and broke both bones in my lower left leg. I had just met the person every motorcycle rider fears the most, a guy behind the wheel of a giant truck who just isn't paying enough attention. Life hasn't exactly been the same since.

A visual tour of what happens when a human body meets a truck at 30mph.

I always wanted to be robocop when I grew up.

The first thing they tell you when you wake up in the hospital after an accident like mine is that you're lucky to be alive. I was wearing a helmet. Nurses that have been around long enough have a habit of knowing which ones were wearing a helmet. They comment vaguely about the ones who don't.

After the congratulations about your place amongst the living is when they start hinting about the months to come. They're clever enough to never be exact in their answers to your questions. It's only now, months later, that I appreciate their appropriate method of evading my questions. No one wants to tell you that you aren't gonna be walking without crutches for the next four months, or if worse comes to worst that you won't ever walk without crutches ever again. In my case, it's still a matter of time and medical procedures that will tell. I had surgery numero dos about three weeks ago. If you ever have the misfortune of having to have a bone graft don't worry they aren't as bad as they sound.

The biggest issue becomes boredom. I'm still technically employed at the coffee shop I was working at for five years, but I can't technically go back to work until I can walk without crutches again. see what they did there? Luckily, my hands healed up fine, thank you universe, which has given me the option of delving into ways of staying productive and keeping myself occupied otherwise.

I love analog synthesizers. So I've spent a lot of time with this little piece of work.

I won't dwell too much on this little monster, but everyone in the world should own one of these bastards.
For those that are interested, here's the link:
It should be noted our site isn't exactly safe for work. (NESFW)

My other love is video games. I'm actually here recovering in the home of my uncle who first introduced me to video games with "super mario bros" for the original NES. I don't think he's aware of the overwhelming impact that's had on my life up until now and definitely here in the "interim."

So if you ever find yourself confined to a bed for an extended amount of time, here is a short list of the games that have helped me through the thick of it.

I replayed Demon's Souls. AGAIN.

I really can't overstate how amazing this game is, but it's also a game I never ever recommend to my friends. People say that sleep is the greatest thief. These people have never played Demon's Souls. It'll eat your soul and steal your precious time, and for people in my situation that's a wonderful thing. I really can't wait for Project Dark, but I hope I'm not on crutches by then.

Bayonetta never gets old.

For the bed ridden, Bayonetta is invaluable. If you get sick of all the motherly vibes all your female friends keep giving you Bayonetta is always there to sexy things up for you with guns and violence. It doesn't hurt that the game is one of the best examples of action gaming ever made. a sequel can't come to soon.


My gaming experiences are limited to what's on the ps3, so until about a week ago I've never really been able to get in on the action. I'm glad bioware finally brought it over, because for people in my situation games like this become a pretty big deal. My commander Shepard looks nothing like this guy, and most people that have experienced Mass Effect 2 know why that's awesome.

I'm keeping the list pretty short, because I don't want to start ranting about my time with the ps3 version of black ops. RANT.

I guess I have a new appreciation for the people that take the time to create these experiences, and sites like destructoid that keep us informed about them. the alternatives are pretty scary when you spend some time with present day cable television.
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