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Goddamnit, I think I just "won" a bootleg DS game off ebay.


Recently I have been buying games left and right off eBay, getting some great deals on there (hell, the last 7 games I bought I have saved $98 compared to buying them in stores). However, I think I may have been scammed. I had been looking for a copy of Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and won one for $3.25 plus $18 shipping, which isn't unusual for eBay. However, after winning it I noticed several red flags:

1: The picture of the case.

Now, this may just be a stock photo, but I have never seen a stock photo of a DS game with an American flag in the upper left hand corner. It just seems odd.

2: The location of the seller and the item.

The seller's profile says he's in China and the item will ship from Hong Kong (aka Hidden Pirate Island). This started sending up red flags immediately.

I checked the guy's feedback and he's got 100% feedback and no one has said anything about the games they buy being bootlegs, but then again I doubt that most people could tell the difference between a bootleg and the real thing.

Now, I could be wrong and this could actually be a legit DS game, but I have a very strong hunch that when it comes in the mail, its gonna be a bootleg. So, the moral of this story is, don't buy DS games from people in Asian countries on eBay
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