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Review: Limbo (pc)

Limbo is a Dark, Disturbing, Masterpiece its 2D sidescroller fits perfectly with its puzzle based

Every thing about this game is brilliant, its smooth animation, its black and white visuals and its surprising gameplay.
even though it has black and white visuals don't let that put you off its Brilliant and creepy but awesome story.

Limbo is about a young boy who wakes up to find he is lost in a strange and creepy forest, he adventures deeper serch his lost sister.
In the forest other people there who set traps.
also in the forest you find monsters like giant spiders and dragonfly's.

Limbo ticks all the boxes for me. I like how it has a short story because a long story can get boring just doing the same things all the time
It may have a short story but your love every minuet of it!

The developers say the game has a trial and death system.
a trial and death system is where you try away to get past a puzzle and then its wrong then you try and try till you complete it
(The game)
Limbo was released on 2 Aug 2011 on steam, and it costs 6.99
And got a metscore of 88/100
Limbo was released on 21 July 2010 on the Xbox Live Arcade service. and costs 1.200 Microsoft points
And got a metscore of 90.61/100
Limbo was released on July 20, 2011 On the PlayStation store and it costs $15.00 or 9.00

This game gets a all most perfect 9.6/10
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