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Topscore - Characters that are cooler than you

In this edition of Topscore, i will talk about those supporting characters that are cooler than the player's avatar. In short, here are those kind of individuals who make you jealous that you can't play with them, always showing that they c...


Topscore - The Worst Endings in Games

"This column has really no purpose, do not think it's serious. Also, this is my first time really writing something in english, so i would appreciate some tips." In this Destructoid debut, Topscore will present many spoilers. That's right,...


The Beginning

Hi, my name is Felipe Velloso and it's been an awful lot of time since I started reading Destructoid. As you can probably tell, i am no native english speaker, so I hope my English can keep up with my difficult task of bringing my work to t...


About olethrosone of us since 11:38 PM on 10.18.2010

Felipe Velloso is a brazilian writter. He is the editor of a website dedicated to movies, games, comics, music, RPG, Tv shows and more... He was also the head of a Braziliam gaming website called "Power Up". And now, he realized he got to begin to writte in english....