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Top 10 Most Anticipated Games for 2010

10. Super Street Fighter IV

A part of me wants to avoid this game for the sake of saving me the time of practicing since I know that I won't be on the highest level of competition. But damn it, I still want to try.

9. Alan Wake

Looking like a good thriller, I have high hopes for this game from Remedy.

8. Max Payne 3

Speaking of Remedy, I have doubts that this game will be out in 2010. If it is, I'll be playing it being the Max Payne fan that I am.

7. Batman Arkham Asylum 2

While I enjoyed Batman Arkham Asylum, the release of this so quickly makes me wonder if this game will actually be a full sequel or more of an expansion pack.

6. Dead Space 2

What a huge surprise the first one was. Not only was it scary, but it did everything well. Word is the sequel will improve on the scares and have a multiplayer. Not sure about the multiplayer but I do hope for more scares.

5. Final Fantasy XIII

Is there any surprise with this one?

4. No More Heroes 2

Really the only Wii game truly worth a damn, No More Heroes combined a variety of elements to create an experience that seems almost fitted for me. The sequel looks like it'll expand on the good stuff of the original and reduce the annoyances that the original had.

3. Yakuza 3

With the recent announcement of the Yakuza 3 localization, this game immediately jumped to the top of my list. Yakuza 2 came together in an extraordinary way making me want this game so much.

2. Bioshock 2

A big favorite of mine, Bioshock showed the world that gaming can raise some philosophical questions to go along with the violence.

1. The Last Guardian

Having faith in a company is become harder for me to do being the cynic that I am. Team Ico has earned my faith making the Last Guardian my most anticipated game.
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