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Game Art, gameplay video, and screenshots.


Not sure what happened, I tried blogging this last night and for some reason it didn't show up. Either way, I have a few days off work (regular 9-5) so here is some art. 

The picture on the top will be for one of the game over screens, I'm planning on adding color and lighting. 

Here's a gameplay video, this time I was able to capture HD 60fps video, so it's a better representation of what the game looks like. 

I haven't had much luck with reaching out to publishers, I recently sent a WIP demo to one after they saw the video, but honestly I don't think many of them are even making it through my "elevator pitch", which I am admittedly not really good at, I just think in this age, when we all have phones with internet connections that can stream video in a matter of seconds, maybe more emphasis should be placed on seeing the game in action. Either way, I'm in no hurry and still have plenty of time to finish my game and submit it to various places. 

My goal is to make my game a bit "crazier" so that it plays like a Metroidvania with assists and combos. I'll keep adding more special moves and off-the-wall enemies. I've been watching 80s and 90s sci-fi movies for inspiration, I really like the way RoboCain looks from Robocop 2, and also love the way the aliens from Aeon Flux look, I'm probably going to add a few bosses inspired by their look.

assistsgif screen

I've also been checking out the classic sci fi animes like Ghost in the Shell, but found a hidden gem in Cyber City Oedo. 

In case anybody's interested: Hardware Microsoft Surface pro 2017 Edition i7 8 GB ram

Software: Sketchbook Pro, Adobe Premiere pro, Gamemaker Studio 1.4, Blender, Gimp

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