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Doing some art for my game to pass the time


Hope everyone's having a nice weekend. I've been stuck training away from home so I haven't been able to work on my game, but luckily I brought my tablet and have been drawing a bit, so it hasn't been a complete waste of time. I figured I'd post something in case anybody was interested in seeing an image go through several stages.

The first stage is the rough draft, this is actually the funnest for me, I don't have to worry about details and just focus on the energy of the lines and layout. 

Then I'll go over it with blue lines and hammer in more of the details.

Next would be the equivalent of inking in real paper media, here I added some details, which unfortunately some of the details are going to get lost in the shading (because I decided to go for a darker look)

I wanted this to be like those old SNES box arts, I really loved the Konami ones (Super Contra, Castlevania IV, etc), and that's sort of the feel I was going for, that's why I wanted to incorporate a whole bunch of enemies.

I was actually going to leave it at the shading stage, I do like reading Mangas and feel the black and white works well, I think in the future if I ever do a graphic novel I'll probably keep it black and white, but I went and added the color as well just because I wanted to get some experience doing it. 

And there it is, if anybody wants to download the full sized images, they are in Deviant art, my username is carritohmc. Hope you found this at least a bit entertaining. 

Software: SketchBook Pro, Hardware: Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 with pen

Music: listened to that new Fabulous and Jadakiss mixtape (Friday on Elm Street) I'm a bit of a horror movie geek, and love it when hip hop goes horrorcore. 


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