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Dilemmas of an open world

This article was originally written for "The Other Castle". For more blogs, videos and comics go to www.theothercastle.net I can count the number of open world games I have actually finished on one hand. No, I take that back! I can count t...


How long can I survive?

Let me present to you the first episode of a new webseries from the guys at The Other Castle. The idea of the series is that I pick a videogame, crank the difficulty up as far as I can and then see how long time I can survive. First out – ...



Remember Screwattacks "my vids dont suck" contest? No? Well, we were in it! And now we are back to give you more ridiculous movietrailers based on videogames! Next up is Crimson Steel, based on a classic videogame about bricks!


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