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Avatar Crossing

So I just read the front page article about Rare wanting to get more involved with this new avatar system the NXE has brought us. Me and my friends have been talking lately about how the avatars would be a great way to get Microsoft tapped...


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My names Nick, im a hardcore gamer from Indiana.(not many of us). I own all major consoles, but my favorite for gaming is the Xbox 360. Some of my favorite games would be anything from the Zelda series, Halo, Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, both Fables, LOTR: BFME II, Crimson Skies, Phantom Dust, Animal Crossing, No More Heroes, and Little Big Planet. I change my mind every day about what i want to do with my life. Sometimes i want to write for a videogame blog, sometimes i want to open my own game store...complete with a gaming lounge. Ive also wanted to become a firefighter, as well as open my own pizza place. So, one day ill figure it out, for now though, ill just keep the ideas flowing.