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Dead Space Story Guide (DONE POORLY)

Yeah, my idea of a guide is putting little to no effort into it whatsoever and just taking shit from wikipedia and gametrailers, but I do think all this non-work is worth it for you folks out there dying for some explanation behind the Dead...


Friend Codes are a shame...

I don't know how else to do this, but I need friends to brawl with. I've hit up various blogs looking for some, but to no avail. Nintendo, you pushed me to do this. Brawl Code: 3394-3331-5951 Leave yours in the comment if you want. I...


Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig: Rural Edition

YES. This is my sweet ass gaming PC setup. (I've got the Wii60/Sega Genesixty-four in the basement) I live in rural Montana and have no nearby compy stores in which to prance about, picking beautiful part after part to assemble a god lik...


My English Teacher is a Nintendo Fanboy

Here I am, an aide for my english teacher. He is teaching a college compostion class at the moment. His classes can be incredibly boring...but they can also be incredibly NOT boring. His redeeming quality is being a hardcore nerd. This g...


Hey guuuuuuuys... ;)

I'm a long time reader, new time poster, and I really hope to actually contribute (if I can find the time) by making some great blogs and comments, yahoo! I'm an overall cool dude. I'm not a Halobot, but I do own Halo 3. I'm not a fanboy,...


About nukka jdavone of us since 5:51 PM on 12.06.2007

About Me:

Hey there, I'm James. I'm originally from Deer Lodge, MT, but now I'm going to school in Missoula for TEACHING. Yeah, I kind of changed my mind. I was doing the journalism thing, but kind of had a weird epiphany about the whole thing. Teaching was what I wanted to do before journalism and after some hard thought I'm going to return to it. I figure becoming an english teacher will allow me to continue writing. That blogging dream will still be there, It just won't be priority.

I'm very into music, especially Modest Mouse and Animal Collective. Classic rock makes my genitals burst as well. My life is simple: School, my lady, friends, family, dogs, and games. Easy peasy, no? I've been around Dtoid for a while, lurking since the beginning, and registered a while ago. I love it here, having such a good community really does the place well. I'm into any game that doesn't suck. There is really very little I'm not willing to play. The only problem is time, but please recommend good games to me. I've been on an indie binge recently, so start there. Feel free to add my PSN and Gamertag to your friends lists. I'm a nice dude and love playing with Dtoiders. You guys are amazing.

I blow at fighters, this is just the only cool looking picture I've ever taken.

Top Five Games at the Moment (No Particular Order)
1. Left 4 Dead
2. Half - Life 2
3. Metroid Prime
4. Resident Evil 4
5. Little Big Planet

Play with me...

My Steam ID: teh_james

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Other Things...

The Unshaven - a dodgeball movie that probably won't be funny to you that my friends and I all made as a parting senior thingy. Anyway, if you wanna see me in action I'm the chubby one playing The Lion King on my Sega. (Major credit to Daniel Lombardi)

My Youtube Channel - nothing too special on there, just some videos from a longgg time ago and a few I made from boredom.