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Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig: Rural Edition


Last, but not least is the table next to my computer, where I have my synthesizer from the stone age and a shit ton of oranges. (I lub dem oranges) I really like to make music and have several "Myspace bands", but they all suck and I do it just to exercise my creativity. You'll also see two Brain Age games. I bought them for my mom. She then stole my DS and started playing them non stop. It is incredibly humiliating to have your mother trash talk you because she has a younger brain age than you. Biggest mistake of my life. Oh yeah, theres a mandolin there too. Fun to play. TOO BAD I SUCK. I'm working on it though, just you wait. "Peter Frampton who? All I know is James D. Yeah he is a mandolin legend."

Anyway, thats it for my setup. Its pretty sucky, but it was fun putting this together and sharing it with the Dtoid community. You guys are all so "special", I just had to do something for the community. I think I might come back and do one on my console setups another time.

Well, I really hope to win as well. (James you fuckin' hypocrite) I'm going to be in college this fall and need a computer. I'm tight on money so, hell I might as well try. Well I hope you guys all liked this post. Tell me what you think in the comments. Insults and snide comments/remarks are welcome, even encouraged.

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