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11 Things I hope you don't know about Nukka Jdav

Ok folks, I tried to get some VGR stuff in there (and did), but mostly just spilled my heart out to you.

1. I'm about as shy as you can get.
In real life at least. I don't find it hard through various mediums such as Dtoid, but even on Xbox Live I'm still a quiet fellow while playing Left 4 Dead. I do have plenty of friends back home, but now that I'm in college I've never felt so isolated. It's very hard for me to make friends and it's something I really need to confront. I thank God for my girlfriend of two years who talks to me every night on the phone for up to two hours. She's in a situation similar to time now that I'm gone, so its incredibly nice to have her around. I gotta give a shoutout to my podcast friends. I never had anyone to talk to or play games with on a smaller level until I started that podcast. It may not be the most popular thing, but I still love doing it. Thanks fellas. Also to anyone reading, lets play games! Add me on XBL, Steam, and PSN. At least I can have internet friends!

2. I'm so happy to live where I live.
Montana = pretty as a black stallion. No questions asked... I just know I won't live here when I'm through with college. To get anywhere with my journalism degree and for exploration's sake I'll probably move, but I don't really mind. I love seeing the world...OMG SEGWAY.

3. Going to China was the greatest experience of my life.
And the preparation was the most intense experience as well. Someone stole my passport in the mail when I sent it for my Visa. I was lucky enough to get a new passport one day before we left Seattle. If it had come the next day, it would have all been a waste. Anyway, China is amazing. The history I felt there was overwhelming. The most significant thing I remember was visiting a small farming village. We had small Montana pins for the kids, but I thought I'd sneak them some money while I was at it.

Woah, crazy idea. Next thing I know I'm swarmed by kids, grabbing for even the smallest bills. It wasn't a dead body in the streets, but I felt more grateful for what I had then, than I ever had in my life.

4. I didn't grow up playing video games.
It's a somewhat long story, but I'll keep it short. My dad is a counseler at the local elementary school. Most of his worst kids play video games. He thinks they are part of the problem. I think they are a way for the kids to escape the problem. Anyway, I didn't get a Gameboy until I was a preteen. Probably twelve or so, and didn't get a console until two years later. Even then it was hidden. I didn't "go public" with my game playing until I bought an Xbox360. I brought it out on the tv in the basement of my house. When my dad saw it he flipped and asked where I got it. I told him I bought it and all he did was walk away grumbling calling it a "God Damn Machine."

5. I love dogs more than people.
They never steal your heart or your pocketbook...annnnnnnd they're adorable! I consider a good night of sleep a night with my fat chocolate lab, Chico, laying right on top of me. She's always so happy and just wants to eat. What a simple life. Oh dogs, how you make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

6. I've never beat a Final Fantasy game (or any JRPG for that matter)
I'm not sure why, but I never feel like I understand the battle systems. I also hate dying on a boss that takes forever. Re-doing shit in games is a normal thing, but in a JRPG it just kind of pisses me off. Then I go grind and realize I hate grinding. I finally beat the boss and realize I don't care for the story. It might be that I'm just playing the wrong RPGs. There is hope though. I beat two discs on Lost Odyssey before I had to send it back in on Gamefly. Now I'm getting it back in Goozex and I will commit myself to it....maybe.

7. I love playing synthesizers/love music in general.
I'm always making my own music no matter how bad it is. I just love to experiment with sound in general. I made several small groups with various friends and my brother called Meanasaurus and Jimmy/Jacob. They're both pretty bad, but we always tried to make the songs in thrity minutes or less just as some weird creative philosophy. Also, it was fun! Jimmy/Jacob is actually strangely famous in Drummond, MT where someone burned all of our songs to CDs and sold them at the school. Now my brother has moved onto his notorious rap group, Cracking Blue Jay, in which they challenge various shitty MySpace rappers to internet battles. I consider Young 35lb Lamb their biggest hit. Anyway, music. Animal Collective, Modest Mouse, Nine Inch Nails, The Beatles, The Zombies, Interpol, etc. etc. People call me a hipster or indie-fag, but say I look like a weird combo of a lumberjack and a meathead.

8. I'm a meathead/love playing (not watching) football/love discus.
I hated sports growing up. I played basketball for one year and the only basket I ever made was taken back by the referee (my dad). Baseball...it seemed that there was no way I couldn't get hit by the maniac pitchers. Soccer...well I actually liked soccer, but due to lack of funding our interest in the program it ended after about three years. It wasn't until junior high when I found my first real mentor, Mr. Andrews, that I grew interested in sports. He encouraged my friend Dave and I to start lifting weights. We were the only kids in our grade to start that early and it showed once we were freshman. While people were just learning to lift in high school, Dave and I were bench pressing 200lbs (the only lift anyone cares about in high school). Even though we had a weight training class, we would still wake up before school to go lift. Three years later we were both upping 270lbs. This showed in football as Dave and I ended up being very successful. Our senior year we ended up breaking many high school records and became the most successful football team our school ever had. Sadly this didn't include winning the State Championship. We also loved throwing the discus. It was such a relaxing, yet still competetive sport that we excelled at. I went to the state competition as a senior, but never placed. Dave on the other hand won state in shotput and discus. Now he's throwing on the collegiate level. What a stud. Now I'm in college and have lost some muscle. I can't throw discus or play football like I used to. It's depressing...but I'll always have games.

9.Polar Bears are my favorite animal (dogs don't count, they're better than people).
They'll eat your fucking face off and look cute doing it. What else needs to be said. Also, I'm running out of ideas.

10. I wish I could still skateboard.
I was a hardcore skater back in the day. I probably did it from age 11 to age 16. It was the most gratifying rush you could ask for. I eventually got very good and could kickflip over a building. Well not really, but I found out that winter in Montana = no sidewalks, so I took up snowskating and ended up getting sponsored by a now deceased website. Anyway, skateboarding was my love and my life. I just ended up getting too large for the damn thing. DAMN YOU GRAVITY. It's sad, but I can always just ride around for fun and nostalgic reasons. Thank god for Skate.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 x10!


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