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Aversion to Sports Games

When I was about 6 years old, my dad took all of us to the local Target. This was right after Chinese News Year, and I had a pocket full of money just itching to be spent on the next NES game. Beyond Transformers and toy soldiers, I wasn�t a big action figure type of kid at the time. No, I couldn�t wait to get to the electronics section and see the giant wall of Nintendo games mounted, each a potential adventure for me to play and cherish.

When I got there, (cue the heavenly music) I was inundated with black boxes with cool looking pictures of the games that I could be playing when I got home. Each belonged to a �series.� There was the action series, adventure series, and I also remember the sports series. I could not fathom all the different types of games that were available to me.

My dad is not a very patient man, and he wanted me to pick my game so we could be on our way. I looked and looked, and finally saw something I wanted to play- Baseball. I gestured to it, and he picked it up and looked at it. Then he told me something I would never forget. �These games are a waste of time. Pick something else.�

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