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Take a minute and raise a glass

Woke up this morning ready to play video games. I wanted to shoot some rival factions in MAG. I wanted to get a couple more levels in Super Mario Galaxy 2. I wanted to suffer through the single player campaign of Section 8 before jumping in...


Scratching that Itch

My intentions were honest and pure of heart in the beginning. Having just been gifted an Xbox, and spending fifty bucks on a Ps2 from craigslist, I had completed the holy trinity of consoles [I already was a proud owner of a Gamecube], alb...


My First Affair

I didnít know it then, but the following experience would be the first in many affairs that I would have in my life. I was naÔve, and didnít think there was anything wrong in what I was doing. In the present day, with so many people on both...


Cooperation in Co-op? What's that?

So there you are, breathing heavily, scanning the alley in front of you, looking out for any signs of zombies. You think to yourself, ďMy teammates are counting on me. Donít screw this up.Ē And then, something clicks. You say, ďThe hell wit...


Difficulty in Games? That's Easy.

Like many of you growing up, I was only able to afford a new game every so often, and so each purchase was a special experience. The back of the box usually had a fantastic description of the game, tickling my still young and fertile imagin...


Work Bathrooms (NVGR)

Seeing as how the forums are broken, I would post this here instead. The bathroom at my work sucks. And stinks. And is located in the worst possible location. It is RIGHT NEXT to the office kitchen. Yeah, and the vent that sucks up all the...


Aversion to Sports Games

When I was about 6 years old, my dad took all of us to the local Target. This was right after Chinese News Year, and I had a pocket full of money just itching to be spent on the next NES game. Beyond Transformers and toy soldiers, I wasnít ...


About norm9one of us since 5:41 PM on 12.02.2007

Here's my quick list of favorites:

NES- Legend of Zelda, Gumshoe, Pro Wrestling, Tetris
SNES- Final Fantasy III, Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting, Gradius III
Nintendo 64- Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Harvest Moon 64
Gamecube- Ikaruga, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Metroid Prime
Wii- Metal Slug Anthology, No More Heroes, Wii Sports

Genesis- Columns, Golden Axe
Dreamcast- Shenmue, NBA 2K1

XBox- Ninja Gaiden, Stubbs the Zombie, Fatal Frame
XBox360- Dead Rising, Earth Defense Force

PS2- GTA:San Andreas, Metal Gear Solid 2, Shadow of the Colossus, FirePro Wrestling
PS3- Uncharted, Warhawk, NBA 2k8

Here's a quick blurb about myself-

I am a children's librarian living in Los Angeles.

I like reading, writing, and watching tv.

I hate people who talk down to others. I like talking down to people who talk down to others to prove a point.

I spend way too much on video games, action figures, comics, and beer.

I plan on writing blog entries as soon as I am done with this whole lazy thing, which I enjoy.


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