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Xbox Live Indie Games Sends Me to Bullet Hell Heaven

This week the Community Games channel of the Live Marketplace officially went through a few changes. Firstly it changes names from Community Games to Indie Games (or iGames, as I'm dickishly abbreviating it), secondly the price points becom...


10 Community Games Everyone Should Play

Community Games have become something of a passion of mine lately. I play pretty much every game that goes up on the service so naturally I was always going to notice when the gaming behemoth that is IGN picked their favourite 10. IGN did...


European Virtual Console: There Will (not) Be Brawl

Do you like fighting games? Well then this week isn't for you. It's not a fighting game but it kinda pretends to be. Game: Super Smash Bros. N64 - 1000 Points It's the game that brought new meaning to the word 'clusterfuck' and singleha...


The 5 Challenge Goes Tits Up

Earlier this week I wrote an article over at Negative Gamer that led to some people accusing me of being something of a prude. Possibly even anti-tits-in-videogames. Well rest assured I'm not against having tits in videogames. Let me show y...


The 5 Challenge Hits The Jackpot

Last week I set a challenge. How much game can you get for only 5? I came back from a branch of CEX with Timesplitters, Dynasty Warriors 3 and Zone of the Enders. I decided after that that CEX was way too easy so today I took another 5 an...


European Nintendo Update: It's Pong. Edition

4 games are available today over the 3 services. The Virtual Console gets Galaxy Force for the Turbografx (it's a shooter shockingly) and DSi Ware gets minified versions of cack magic game Master of Illusion and awesome puzzler Dr Mario. ...


A Challenge. How Much Game Do You Get For 5?

As we all know, videogaming is an expensive hobby. In these troubled economic times even I have been forced down to only one oil tanker full of caviar a week. So I decided that since I didn't have the cash to buy one of this week's new rele...


European Virtual Console: Song of Time Edition

You may have noticed that I only really do these update posts when something notable hits the European Virtual Console. The last one I did for example was put up when Secret of Mana was added. Well we have something really fucking notable...


JRPGs Torment Me, This Year I Make Them Stop

Today I got my collection of Gamecube games back after moving house. With those 27 games I got some of the greatest games ever made. And Donkey Konga. However it made me realise an uncomfortable truth. Of the 25 JRPGs I own over all my c...


Saving Sonic: My 5 Step Plan

LOL!! So, Sonic Unleashed is out and has somewhat put the series back on track after the horrific Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 however the game is still riddled with many of the problems which have sent the series to the point where it needs ...


European Virtual Console: Keep Your Money

So Sonic Unleashed is getting slammed by every reviewer under the sun. Its not affecting me as I know its a fun game, the only review I'm interested in is the one that's going to appear on this site. As far as I'm concerned, only one review...


Sonic Unleashed Impressions

So today I picked up one of my most highly anticipated games of the year. A game that has the hopes of every one of the series' fans riding on it. Of all the games released this year, Sonic Unleashed possibly has the most riding on it. It w...


NXE Impressions From A Sony Fanboy

The insanely overhyped New Xbox Experience has farted its way onto my roommate's Xbox 360 courtesy of me since he's at work. So it falls to be to take to my Destructoid C-Blog to wave the almighty Sony flag from the roof of my castle trumpe...


European VC Update: One-Upping America Again

Hey America. I bet you're so chipper and happy after finally getting a Megaman game on the Virtual Console before us Europeans at last. However, we see your pew-pew and raise you some top-notch Sega RPGing. Game 1 - Megaman 3 NES - 500 Poi...


European WiiWare Update: Party Time! Edition

3 games. Not only in today's WiiWare update but also in the bag I brought home from town yesterday. Yes with some of the most potentially expensive gaming weeks ever up ahead and lots of time consuming games coming out this week (which my r...


rRootage is Now on iTunes

Yes, clean up your spunk shmup fans as Kenta Cho's brilliant shooter rRootage has now hit the iTunes store and is free for all iPod Touch and iPhone users. Honestly, I'm tempted to get an iPhone just for the game as I love me some rRootag...


SingSterling: It Was Epic

Jim Sterling has just played Singstar for 12 hours straight. Unfortunately we were unable to raise enough money to keep him at the mic stand for the full 24 hours and get our Astley on. However, that is what NARPs are for. Some brave soul...


The Nintendo Press Conference: My Thoughts

First of all lets consider the DSi. Its going to sell like footbaths in hell because of that camera but I'm not going to be buying one because of the lack of a GBA port. It may sound odd to be wanting that when I own a normal GBA as well, b...


CBlogs of 01/10/2008 + Sykisms

First up, what the fuck Reaprar. 2 missed recaps in a row. I apologise to everyone who writes blogs on Tuesday and has them go unrecapped. Onto Wednesday's blogs. WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE BEES!! Live was down today, the WAAAAHHHHHmbula...


European VC Update: Fapfapfapfapfap Fapdition

3 games, I think we all know what we're here for though. Game 1 - Helix Ghostface - ? Points Don't know how much this costs, but its dancing with robots. Can't really go wrong. Game 2 - Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People Episod...


CBlogs of 24/09/2008 + Sykisms

Right, Reaprar is a staggering bucket of fail and cack so yesterday had no recap. I'm not covering his cock-ups, so no double recap I'm afraid. I don't have enough cider for that. The Colecovision is better than all 3 consoles, FACT (tho...


European VC Update: Back To My Roots Edition

Every game on the Virtual Console is a reminder of gaming's past. Some of these games hold special meaning for us all as a collective while some are among the greatest games of all time. 1 of today's games is where it all began for me, the ...


CBlogs of 17/09/2008 + Sykisms

This wall of text deserves your time, I LOL'd I'm already planning one of these with Jim Sterling Some good can come out of the Soulja Boy/Braid video Brilliam responds to comments on his Gamer Hate musing I like Gamestop hate, as we don'...


NJ Reviews: Bomberman Blast

Title: Bomberman Blast Format: WiiWare Price: 1000 Wii Points (£7) This is how 97% of your games will look, and they will all be awesome Reviewing Bomberman games got hard around Super Bomberman when the game mechanics were so set in st...


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