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PAL Virtual Console Wishlist 2008

I would just like to take a moment here. What the fuck do you people have against Space Giraffe? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with it? Please tell me as I have dropped the 400 points and can easily lose time to it in the same way I lose time to Geometry Wars.

I was asking around at work today about what Mcdonalds Wii owners want to see on the Virtual Console in 2008. I came out with the 10 games we most want to see on there, I'll be checking these off if and when these hit the VC. If Nintendo gets all 10 of these onto the PAL VC, they win. And I mean win everything.

1) Megaman Soccer (Submitted by Sam)
Sam wants Megaman Soccer a lot. I wouldn't mind seeing it but could live without it.

Likelihood - 7/10
I can see it hitting, I reckon sometime in the summer.

2) Chrono Trigger (Submitted by literally everyone who uses the VC)
If Nintendo don't put this on by the end of the year, there will be a revolt. I'm not even kidding, this has to go up and dammit there's no excuse for not giving it to Europe as well. Let us have it. Please.

Likelihood - 7/10
I reckon Square games will start hitting the VC this year, and when they do Chrono Trigger will lead the charge. Whether it comes to Europe isn't certain, but I think it'll happen.

3) Strider 2 (Submitted by me and Dean)
Sam takes issue with this one making the list as opposed to the original Strider. I played this one on the Master System I think (how is that system not on the VC yet?) and loved it, one of the first games to make me feel awesome for completing a level.

Likelihood - 9/10
Strider is age rated and set up for release, Strider 2 will surely follow.

4) Zombies Ate My Neighbours (Submitted by me and Sam)
Its just called Zombies in the UK, but I adapted the name for everyone else. The game that would get me to buy another classic controller to resurrect the co-op sessions that used to be the only way to get past level 4 before I got somewhat decent at games.

Likelihood - 6/10
Its relative obscurity might hamper it, but Nintendo's unpredictability in the games it puts up helps my optimism. If Ghoul Panic comes first though I will go postal.

5) F-Zero X Expansion Kit (Submitted by me)
Come on Nintendo, the 64DD was a biblical flop but give the F-Zero X track creator one more shot. Make it happen. As a sidenote, does anyone else stare at the expansion sockets on the bottom of their N64 and dream of what might have been?

Likelihood - 1/10
Lets face it, its just not going to happen.

6) Terranigma (Submitted by Sam, I almost creamed my pants at the reminder that this game exists)
I want me some more JRPGs. Once I've finished Tales of Eternia its open season for me and the Virtual Console will be my primary base. Terranigma would be one hell of a purchase for 800 points.

Likelihood - 4/10
There's no vocal fanbase, but Nintendo's ever sporadic lineup ups the rating.

7) Banjo Tooie (Submitted by me, Sam and Jon)
One good reason why this makes the list instead of Banjo Kazooie. We've all finished Banjo Kazooie and I still have my copy. In the run-up to Banjo Threeie's launch and Rare's subsequent return to form (a man can dream) this would be cha-ching territory for Wii60 owners.

Likelihood - 8/10
Rare have said that Nintendo decide whether their games go onto the VC, in the run up to Threeie's launch I would put money on Banjo going to the VC.

8) Golden Sun (Submitted by me, creamed over by everyone else)
The rumour of a portable VC for the DS was in Edge a few months ago and I believe it. Playing Golden Sun on my DS without having to constantly carry the cart around with me would be awesome (Chu Chu Rocket has been welded into my DS' GBA slot ever since I got it). Golden Sun was the game that showed that the GBA could deliver some serious graphical punch alongside one of the best RPGs of recent times.

Likelihood - 5/10
If the portable VC becomes reality then Golden Sun will arrive on it. There's no question.

9) Re-Volt (Submitted by me)
I always found it a bit odd that Re-Volt was used in the early 'Grandmaster' Xbox Live ads. Track them down on Youtube if you've never seen them because they're hilarious and a scary foresight into what Live would eventually become. But yeah, Re-Volt was a great racer which I didn't get nearly enough time with.

Likelihood - 5/10
If it doesn't hit the VC it'll hit PSN, but Nintendo's current trend of only releasing the solid gold onto the N64 section makes it unlikely to hit the VC.

10) Magi-Nation (Submitted by me)
Back to the dreams of a portable VC and a game I didn't play nearly enough. I'm not even sure if it came out in the UK so I'm guessing the friend I stole it off got it imported.

Likelihood - 2/10
Even if the portable VC comes, I'm not holding my breath.

As a quick side note, Dean put forward FIFA 98: Road to World Cup for the Mega Drive for inclusion on this list but we're never going to see an EA Sports title on the VC. If I'm proven wrong, can we have Rugby World Cup 1995 please?

So there. Hey US readers, you've had pretty much the same games we've got a week after us in the VC releasesfor the last month or so (how does it feel bitches) so what are you hoping to see later in the year?

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