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My Desire For Quiz is Too Much, Sorry Microsoft

I'm sorry friend, you gave me Bioshock, Call of Duty, Skate, Half-Life 2, Space Giraffe and for a short period of time I was happy that you gave me Halo 3. In a strange way I still am. The truth however remains that the last game I bought for you was Guitar Hero 3 and you've only been turned on twice in the last 2 months. Even then it was only for demos.

We've had fun, you and I and its my hope that we'll be reunited someday soon. You never red-ringed on me in our 8 months together, something I constantly thank you for when I hear the horrors of what other people have gone through when their own consoles have not been as faithful.

With all that said though you've had your chances. Fuzion Frenzy 2 could've been so much more than it was but you had to meddle with it and take away what made it fun in the first place. Scene It was good sure, but your reputation as the best online should've made it unbeatable yet you let the competition in. Gave them a chance to get into my heart. The tones of Donovan and the sight of that red suit with new content that doesn't have to go through 20,000 bug checks and certification processes and translations to be judged worthy of going into a queue. I need quiz my friend, I need an online store with games I want to play and online play I don't have to pay for. I'm sorry 360, but I need a PS3.


With all that said, and Buzz Quiz TV only 2 weeks away I'd like to announce something I'm going to be doing through the game.


Every week (for as long as I can find material) I'm going to write a Buzz quiz about that week on Destructoid. Not mundane questions like 'Who posted about this news story?', but more entertaining questions, like 'What was the subject of Jim's crayon scawlings this week?'. I hope this'll achieve 2 things, promote D-Toid through the Buzz community and encourage more people to read more of the site. Also it'll hopefully provide a decent challenge to Buzz loving D-Toiders.

Well, that's the theory anyway. Depends if anyone downloads it.

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