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European WiiWare Update - Dear Strong Bad Edition

Its WiiWare week! Usually this brings the sort of begrudging indifference that turns me into something like a cross between Rev Anthony and Topher when Bliss Island 2 comes out. However this week brings the first WiiWare game I've been genuinely excited about since the beginning of the service.

Game 1 - My Aquarium
Hudson - 500 Points

Did you get an erection playing Endless Ocean? Did you download Tetris Splash and all the DLC? Well then you'll enjoy this then, care for over 40 species of fish as you build your aquarium. Also send them to your friends. It sounds extremely tedious, but at last this kind of mindless time waster has been priced accordingly. For 500 points it may well be worth it if you fancy something around for when you just want to watch a virtual aquarium.

Game 2 - Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People: Episode 1
Telltale - 1000 Points

Do you have 1000 points? Do you like humour? How about pointing and clicking? Well then you'll find plenty to like here. Its Telltale's unparalleled adventure gameplay, honed through 12 Sam and Max episodes combined with the supreme humour of Homestar Runner. If the idea of helping a Viewtiful Joe-esque character beat a fat guy in 'The Race To The End Of The Race' then you should be dropping the points within seconds.

Of course, you should already have it.

Its a strong week! Now enjoy it while it lasts because in 2 weeks we probably return to WiiWare shit, also bask in the glory (as I know you all are) of being in a region where we have Megaman 1+2 on our Virtual Console.

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