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If You Love It, Change It: Trackmania

Trackmania is among the greatest racing games ever made, however its also one of the greatest games with the most that can be improved. Having been a die-hard fan since the very first iteration of the game I thought I'd step up to the plate...


Daily Mail Reviews GTA4, Apocalypse Incoming

Everyone's favourite game hating excuse for a newspaper the Daily Mail has reviewed its arch nemesis, GTA4. A few choice quotes. Prostitution, drug-dealing, criminality and breath-taking levels of casual violence do not so much punctuate t...


European VC Update: Hanabi Festival Week 2

Its week 2 of the Hanabi Festival! Yeah I didn't notice last week either. A big fat 4 games plucked directly from the import aisle for us Euro types, one of which is that rare beast, a Turbografx shooter! Remember that while these games are...


Control Freaks: #5 - Prop Cycle

I've been umming and ahhing over this one for a while as I've been somewhat unsure what arcade games could possibly be described under this banner. Pretty much every form of control pioneered in the arcades has now become a standard and has...


If You Love It, Change It: Time Crisis

With Time Crisis 4 the series has sort of come off the rails as far as the home console versions go. With this in mind I'm going to give Namco 5 ways in which the series could return to the former glories that made the games into one of my ...


Control Freaks: #4 - Gametrak

While I've been trying to keep it retro for this series, there's one recent innovation in the control world that deserves recognition. Demoed at the Gamestars Live event in November 2003, released in October 2004 and finally killed in 2006 ...


If You Love It, Change It: Sonic The Hedgehog

Lots of thinking went into what I should do for what is probably going to be one of a few monthly musing posts I'll be making over the course of the month. For my first though I wanted to go straight for the obvious. I love Sonic. I like a...


European VC Update: Expensive Edition

3 games, this thankfully appears to be returning to the routine we had running into Christmas. Game 1 - Columns 3: Revenge Of Columns Mega Drive - 800 Points As far as puzzle games go, I consider Columns to be at the high table along with...


Control Freaks: #3 - The Action Chair

The Matel Power Glove (yes, THAT Power Glove) and the Quickjoy Foot Pedal were its companions when it made its TV debut in 1992 on the second episode of Channel 4's legendary Gamesmaster. However while one of those has drifted into legend a...


Control Freaks: #2 - The neGcon

Namco are legendary for their WTF controllers. Be it in the arcade or at home they have done more than any other company to bring arcade experiences home as faithfully as possible. However today's subject was high on the WTF scale even by N...


Control Freaks: #1 - Ape Escape

While the gaming community argues and flames and whines and bitches about the Wii and whether or not its controller is a good thing for gaming or just a pointless gimmick I thought it would be time to go back into the mists of time and look...


The Mario Kart Wii Friend Code List

To get your code on the list... 1) PM me. This is the preferred way of doing things as its a lot easier for me to keep track of. 2) Reply to the forum topic. 3) Comment on this cblog version. Please note that you only have to do one of th...


European VC Update: 3x500 Edition (Also PSP Store)

3 games, each for 500 points. This week's lineup includes a legendary brawler and the most successful original title on the C64. Game 1 - Double Dragon (NES, 500) Its Double Dragon. What more really needs to be said? Also, Poison... Game ...


Adman: TOUCH ME!!

As I've shown in these, Nintendo often gets their advertising very right. However as this ad from the early life of the Nintendo DS shows they know how to get it very very wrong as well. Having 5 seconds of gameplay in a 1 minute ad is not ...


Review: Mario Kart Wii

Before I get into this, if you haven't played You Don't Know Jack yet today then go and do it now. Its a brilliant episode. ----------------------------------------- Its now roughly 2 years since Mario Kart finally made the jump into the ...


Adman: The System Train

First off I want to say that this was not the ad I wanted to use for this. I did want an N64 ad but I wanted the one from the European launch when the slogan... "The fastest, most powerful games console in the world!" ...was being used. I...


European VC Update: Worthy Edition

So today I've forgotten to type up this update, forgotten to check what the games were when I did remember to type it up, ran out of time, bought a copy of The Guardian and gotten half my hair cut off. A pretty productive morning under any ...


Opinion Dump, To Try And Clear My Head

OK, I have a lot of things I want to get out of my head and into a c-blog. Time Crisis 4's consistant bad reviews are really annoying me. I can go play Time Crisis 2+3 at the arcades any time but 4 is still pretty rare around these parts s...


Mario Kart Wii: In Defense Of Blue Shells

OK. How one goes about defending one of the most hated weapons in the history of videogames is something that eludes me at this point but I want to at least try. First some history, blue shells started out life in Mario Kart 64 in a very d...


Mario Kart Wii: Is It Getting Harder?

So I bumped into someone online yesterday who had a race rating over 9000. I was playing Tetris DS for a long time online and I never saw anyone over 7000 so that's some serious dedication/lack of life right there. The guy was Japanese thou...


Mario Kart Wii: Time Trial Bug or Cheaters?

Kotaku posted about this but I've seen it myself. Most of the record times on the Time Trial show a person racing 1 lap (usually very badly) then turning around after completing the first lap and just waiting, facing the line. The replay d...


So We Just Played Mario Kart Wii For Nearly 2 Hours

Me, DanGale, ProfPew, Wilbo, Conan-san and Anus McPhanus (who was late) just finished an epic 2 hour session of online Mario Kart. We learnt that Wilbo is cack at battles, people who don't use the Wii Wheel are elitist gits, Anus has a gift...


Mario Kart Wii: Pure Unlockable Win (No Spoilers)

People, all the Mario Kart Wii owners. Go to 100cc and get gold in the Mushroom and Flower cups if you haven't already. People who have, you know what I'm talking about. That echo-y voice. The giggle. Seeing her on a bike is freaking hil...


Mario Kart Wii: Afternoon Impressions

(from the ever excellent XKCD], superb timing) Firstly an addendum to my observations in the last post. Using the Wii Wheel for around 3 straight hours will cause your right hand to cramp up Mario Kart DS style. I'm taking a break right ...


Mario Kart Wii: Early Impressions

At 8:50am, in the pouring rain (and it was really pissing it down believe me) I trekked into Hereford town center to get my copy of Mario Kart Wii. After watching 4 people buy it before me I finally handed over 35, declined the offer of a ...


European VC Update: FOUR!! YES FOUR GAMES!!

2,000 points is what you need today. And you do need them because all 4 of today's games are superb. First up and most notable is that we finally have the Master System on the European VC. As we all know that means we get a good kick off w...


2 Days Until Mario Kart: 2 Hours of Gameplay

2 hours, 32 tracks, 8 cups. This video from WiiNintendo shows off all 32 of the tracks. 16 new in the Mushroom, Flower, Star and Special cups alongside 16 returning tracks from the SNES, N64, GBA, DS and GC Karts in the Shell, Banana, Leaf ...


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