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Buzz!: The Destructoid Quiz! Week 2!

Who was double teamed by Chad and Workmeng? What was not batshit insane? How cruel can I be when people say my quiz is too easy? The answers to these questions and more can be found in this week's Destructoid C-Blog Quiz! Even though y...


European WiiWare Update - Spare Us Edition

Pirates: The Key of Dreams and SPOGS Racing are our 2 games this week. I think they're both around the 1000 point mark but don't quote me on that. One's about pirates and one has a stupid name, that's as much feedback as you're getting from...


5 Reasons: LittleBigPlanet

Opening with a question, does anyone know what that song is in the new trailer? OK, I have figured out 5 reasons why I'm excited about LBP and I would hope that at least one of them resonates with you and awakens that excitement that you'v...


E3 2008: Rating the Presser - Sony

So are Sony up against the ropes or leaving Microsoft in the dust? Based on their E3 performance its hard to argue against the latter. Games Exclusive after exclusive after exclusive. Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, God of War 3, Infamous, ...


E3 2008: Rating the Presser - Nintendo

I feel many things right now, disappointment, anger but most of all betrayal. I've stood up for Nintendo a lot recently but this was not the E3 performance we were promised. Games Shaun White's Snowboarding, Call of Duty and Star Wars: The...


Rating The Presser: Microsoft

What makes a good press conference? Well I've boiled it down to 4 things when it comes to E3, Games, Surprises, Hardware and Showmanship. So with those 4 traits on the table lets see how I think Microsoft did this year. Games Fallout 3, Re...


Buzz!: The Destructoid Quiz! Week 1!

Who was looking for the Tru7h? Who has giant breasts? Where would you find 15 dolphins in a river? If you could answer these questions then you'd get 3/8 correct for sure on the inaugaural Destructoid C-Blog Quiz! Here's how it works. ...


European VC Update: C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!! Edition

5 VC, 2 WiiWare, 5 VC, 2 WiiWare has been going for long enough to work as the normal pattern. So today we have 2 VC games to break the pattern and both of them are pretty decent. Game 1 - Art of Fighting 2 Neo-Geo - 900 Points The Neo-Ge...


Buzz! The Destructoid Quiz - Category Guide

This is a guide to the various bonus categories that exist in the weekly Destructoid C-Blog quizzes I post every weekend. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Weekend These are the basic categories that always make up questions 1-...


Buzz Quiz TV - First Online Thoughts

I am a quizzing god. That is the feeling that I got winning my first ever online game of Buzz. My avatar vaulted the podium, ran up to Buzz, the center of the stage rose and 'njsykora' was displayed on the scrolling ticker hidden below to...


1 Day Until Buzz: The Weekly Destructoid Quiz

OK so here's the idea. As I said in my farewell to my 360 post earlier this week I'm planning on making a weekly c-blog quiz on the MyBuzz website. So these quizzes don't clog up the MyBuzz site and start appearing everytime someone choos...


Buzz Quiz TV - Why Videogamers Can't Review It

Buzz Quiz TV comes out on the PS3 on Friday. However there is an issue surrounding it, and that quite simply is the question on whether its basic structure can be reviewed as a videogame. Now Buzz hasn't been getting bad reviews, both the ...


A Cast of Thousands: Miles 'Tails' Prower

ZOMG FURRY GO YIFF IN HELL FURFAG!!!!!!!1 There, I did it there so you gits don't have to do it in the comments OK? Miles Prower. A source of much split debate I think. On the one side he's in that group of characters who are classed as...


Control Freaks: #6 - The DK Bongos

Firstly let me say that yesterday was one of the best and worst days I've spent on D-Toid. The best because so much news came out to get me excited to be getting a PS3, the Dual Shock 3 in Europe coupled with the long awaited new firmware s...


My Desire For Quiz is Too Much, Sorry Microsoft

I'm sorry friend, you gave me Bioshock, Call of Duty, Skate, Half-Life 2, Space Giraffe and for a short period of time I was happy that you gave me Halo 3. In a strange way I still am. The truth however remains that the last game I bought f...


European VC Update: Into a Rhythm Edition

So for yet another week we find ourselves with 5 games to choose from. Quite clearly we're settled into the new routine of 2 WiiWare followed by 5 VC, its a routine I heartily endorse. Game 1 - Pac-Attack SNES - 800 Points Pacman's puzzle...


European WiiWare Update - Filling Space Edition

So after last week's awesome 5-game blowout we're here with a pair of WiiWare titles. Neither of which will really jump out as essential buys. Game 1 - Block Breaker Deluxe Gameloft - 900 Points Gameloft continue their neverending quest t...


European VC Update: BEST WEEK EVER!! Edition

What do you get when you take 3 systems and one of the best platformers ever? You get this week's VC update my dear Europeans. Game 1 - Fatal Fury 2 Neo-Geo - 900 Points Top kicking teeth in action on the Neo Geo, that's all that really n...


Hey America, Suck On Europe's Crisis Core PSP

Jim Sterling once likened game companies that generally give Europe the finger to neglectful parents who buy their kids presents when they realise they have them. In that instance let it not be said that Square Enix don't buy us the best pr...


Why MMOs? NJ Investigates: Starting Out

Why MMOs is an examination of some of the most identifiable things people associate with MMOs from the viewpoint of someone who doesn't play MMOs generally and is trying to find out why. In this first proper installment I examine the bigges...


Why MMOs? NJ Investigates a Mystery, Part 1

First a quick thing for people expecting a well thought out, long article. This is intended as a series to be updated as I find things I like about MMOs and find things I don't like as well as shine a microscope on some things that tick me ...


European WiiWare Update: Hot Wrist Action Edition

Limber up that Wiimote wrist as today's WiiWare release might give you some carpal tunnel. Game 1 - Actionloop Twist Nintendo - 1000 Points Its the Wii version of the 2006 DS game, which alone makes me nervous. Lets try not to flood this ...


European VC Update: Gotta Buy 'Em All Edition

From a mysterious darkened room in a place far from civilisation, one man's ongoing quest to tell people about the European Virtual Console continues... Actually, I'm just in Canada and haven't opened the curtains yet. You get the idea tho...


European VC Update: To Say We Have Edition

I'm in Canada but the European VC waits for no man, woman, child or Gale. Game 1 - Paradroid Commodore 64 - 500 Points Paradroid is actually a game I played on the C64. Its a pretty fun game but the usual questions of whether its worth 50...


BAN THIS SICK FILTH!! (Wii Fit Edition)

Well the adulation for the Wii was nice while it lasted, a US problem has yet again travelled over to our fair (yet rapidly expanding) island and guess which paper has picked the story up. Here's come choice quotes from the people interview...


Gamer.TV's Successor Revealed

The excellent Bravo show Gamer.TV which was needlessly canned last week has now had its successor named and screened. The abysmally named Playr, presumably without the E to avoid references to the Challenge spinoff that crashed and burned 2...


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