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Tristate Area: NAVA (Gamers) Meeting May 31st

NAVA, or North Atlantic Videogame Aficionados, will be holding their monthly meeting on May 31st at Digital Press. I'm probably going to go, as I have been getting emails for months about their meetins but I have been too busy with school to make an appearance. I'll post the details of the last meeting (as a received through the email) so you can get a vague idea of what happens at these "meetings."

Previously at NAVA...
- An Intellivision sat side-by-side with an XBox 360. For about an hour the Intellivision got more attention.
- A Gold Nintendo World Championship cartridge was sold from one attendee to another. Price: $12,000.
- The band blasted Ballroom Blitz. Babies bawled.
- Mario Bros were replaced by Space Fury Bros and a tournament ensued.
- Captain S and Little Miss Gamer from PBC Productions made guest appearances.
- Shelley Duvall's "It's a Bird's Life" was picked up and considered.

Basically, it is a big get-together of gamers playing whatever they feel like from 12-12. Screwattack people will be there, as well as members from PBC productions.

Also, beer.

It's taking place at Digital Press in Clifton NJ.

I'll probably be going this week, so if nothing else I will post some photos after to show you losers what you all missed.
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