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Nerd Alert Buys: Nintendo Micro VS System

Ok now, I'm not even going to rate this because this seems like more of a collector's item for the Nintendo enthusiast.
National Console Support is selling the Nintendo Micro VS System with Donkey Kong Hockey. This handheld system is made for two people to play...awkwardly. It was release in Japan, China, and Europe...24 years ago, around the same time as Game & Watch, so you can guess how awesome the graphics are.

Basically, it is like shitty, portable air hockey. With "crazy spots" apparently (see the verbatim transcription of the game manual on the site).

The only reason I could imagine that someone would want to own this is to have a piece of Nintendo history. Or to win a "who's a bigger nerd" contest. At $55, you might thing one of the following: 1. FUCK NO or 2. Small price to pay for a piece of gaming history.

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