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This has been on Kotaku, so people either a) already know or b) don't want to hear about it. Plus there is no way I can sustain this posting rate. BUT: NEW PERSONA 3 FIGURE AND IT IS BY ALTER Background: This is Elizabeth, Igor's assis...


Lego Indiana Jones: Awesome

Other people have probably posted this! But I thought it was pretty interesting: http://multiplayerblog.mtv.com/2008/06/03/lego-indiana-jones/ Temple would probably be hard to convert! Darker than the other films. Rendering human sacrifi...


Metal Gear Confession

Real Question: MGS1, or Twin Snakes? Inconsequential Backstory: I am new to this blog thing! So I will start with a gaming confession: I have never actually finished a Metal Gear Solid game. I watched the ending to Snake Eater on Yout...


About ninjamogzeroone of us since 8:42 AM on 06.03.2008

My name is Mog. I'm just this girl, you know?

Consoles owned: more than I can justify :(
Favorite ever system: Nintendo DS (Sega MegaDrive and SNES a close joint second)

I am totally awesome because:
* I am super good at retro games!
* I have a big spiritual gaming dick (XBOX360 gamerpoint score)
* I am hardcore into SRPGs!
* I collect vinyl figures

I am totally not awesome because:
* I am terrible at anything released in the last five years
* My XBOX 360 score includes 1000 points from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
* I love SNK and Capcom fighters but damn if I can beat anyone at ANYTHING
* I sold my old gaming systems for money rather than selling myself
* I would buy a box full of poop if it had Nippon Ichi's name on it
* I collect vinyl figures