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PS3 arcade stick reviews

When I bought my PS3, the first game I got for it was Virtua Fighter 5. I seriously love fighters, especially those with 2D gameplay. Playing VF5 on the Dualshock 3 was fine but I knew I needed a proper arcade stick for Battle Fantasia, Street Fighter IV and SF HD Remix, among others. I managed to find a Hori Fighting Stick 3 at a nearby Gamestop and I also won an auction for a slightly used X-Arcade Solo. I ordered an X-Arcade PS3 adapter and tested both sticks to see which I prefer.

Hori Fighting Stick 3

I recently sold my X-Arcade Dual; it's too hard to use without a table to place it on. I've wanted to get a Solo for awhile and eBay made that happen for $50.

The X-Arcade Solo is a great stick. It is very close to being the perfect American-style arcade stick. The case is made of laminated wood, has good heft and just feels good. The buttons are clones of Happ parts and can easily be changed out for authentic parts. The clones feel precisely like arcade machine buttons. The stick is very solid and has a good amount of resistance; it's also less clicky than the Hori PS3 stick. I much prefer the button layout on the Solo; the six buttons in two rows layout is classic Street Fighter and that's where I grew up as a fighting game enthusiast.

The only downside of the X-Arcade is the price. New it costs $120 shipped with a PS1/PS2/PS3 adapter. the good news is that adapters for almost every system are available for $20 + shipping; the exception is the 360. MS will not allow X-Arcade to make a 360 adapter. The price isn't so bad when you factor in the lifetime warranty, the adapter system which makes the stick mostly future-proof and the easy customization of the stick. I am planning on upgrading the buttons and stick to authentic Happ parts, in bright green at that. It'll set me back $30 or so.

A note about lag: The people on shoryuken.com hate the X-Arcade sticks. They claim that there is lag in the X-Arcade PCB. I've tested this with my Solo using the Gamecube/Wii, DC, PS2 and PS3 adapters. I tested lag by closing my eyes, pushing buttons and listening for the attack sound. I detected no lag whatsoever. Of course, the Shoryuken crew says to get a custom for the same price. Unfortunately, custom sticks cost $50-$100 dollars more than an X-Arcade and don't come with the lifetime warranty.
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