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10 things you don't know about nilcam

1. I'm an old-school, 2D-loving gamer that completely missed the 8-bit generation. All of my friends who tried to convince me to buy an NES showed me NES Baseball. It was fucking boring.

2. I spent 12 years in college and ended up with a 2 year degree. I started at the University of New Orleans in 1990 as a philosophy major. I changed majors each semester and finally ended up as a psychology major. I knew psych was a bad fit when I had a fit of laughter while watching a film of old unethical experiments, including Milgrom. I nearly earned a BS in Psych but I needed 15 hours of chemistry so I went to a new school and majored in Graphic Design. Pay attention, kids. It's a good idea to avoid reality as long as possible.

3. I grew up in a strict Roman Catholic family in New Orleans. This resulted in me becoming an atheist.

4. My favorite writer is Kafka. Read A Hunger Artist and learn why that is.

7. I am eerily similar to DC's Starman (Jack Knight). Everything from my interest in art deco, old things and collectibles down to having a rocky relationship with my father since I remind him of my deceased mother.

8. After my mother died when I was 22, I have used that fact to end many arguments. Nothing makes someone feel as guilty as getting them to say "Your mom" and then telling them "that's not funny; my mom's dead" and it's true.

9. I have a very twisted and dark sense of humor. I spend a lot of time laughing and humorously pointing out how screwed up things are.

10. I am a romantic and an emotional person. I love things that make me feel. If a movie or game makes me feel anything, it's a keeper.
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About nilcamone of us since 9:53 AM on 01.31.2007

Old-school gamer. I started gaming with the Atari 2600. I became an addict with the arcade release of Street Fighter II at my college. The SNES release pushed me into buying that system and a lame arcade stick. I haven't looked back since then. I still consider the 16-bit to be the Golden Age of gaming. The current generation is keeping me pretty happy, especially with the fighting game renaissance that's happening lately. And, yes, I'm old.

Proud owner of: Kiwi Gameboy Color, Purple GBA, GBA SP, GBA Micro, PSP 3000, Clear NeoGeo Pocket, purple SwanCrystal, SNES, Genesis, N64, purple Gamecube, PS3, white New 3DS, black Japanese New 3DS, seafoam 2DS, and Wii U.

Favorite Games: Last Blade, Street Fighter Alpha 2, A Link to the Past, Minish Cap, King of Fighters, Ikaruga, Macross: Do You Remember Love, A Link Between Worlds, Ocarina of Time 3DS, Valkyria Chronicles, Professor Layton, Killer7, Pokken Tournament

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