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Ship 2 Block 20 podcast Ep 5 Medusa's Pubic Snake E3 Spectacular.


Hello all, to add to the mounds of free entertainment you might enjoy about video game, Me and some friends of mine have put together a podcast that has been going on now for about a month an a half and have reached episode 5, (episode 6 should record today), as reaching out 1000 listener. Yes I know that is small but we are thrilled. We originally started out as a Phantasy Star Online 2 community cast, but since we are so diverse and enjoy all games, it quickly just turned in to a gaming podcast. I wanted to post this here because out of the majority of the gaming community, I think Dtoids community is the one that would really help us evolve in to something better. I hope we can bring some talk and enjoyment to you all.

You can find us on iTunes at this link. 

Thanks again, and I welcome all feedback. 
All criticism is welcome.
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