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If Vita doesn't do as well...

Let's just suppose that Vita sales don't meet Sony's expectations beyond the first couple of weeks outside going to worldwide markets. What will Sony offer the consumers or even speculating on what will Sony do? The first one that always ...


Who should do videogame reviews?

It is a simple question but one that I suppose hasn't been given as much thought as many other type of reviews and criticisms out there. I guess I'll begin a bit about my specific purpose in writing this review. I want to say that yes a gr...


About nighthawk260one of us since 12:13 PM on 08.13.2007

I started out with the PS2 and a couple years back got a PSP-2000 and PS3. I'm really glad Bioshock came over to the PS3 it's one of my favorites. I speak English and Spanish. Hopefully I will make it into med school as my ultimate goal.

Right now I'm currently re-playing red dead redemption.

Looking forward to a bunch of games actually.

The list in no particular order is

Final fantasy versus 13
Deus ex 3 
Dark souls
Sky rim elder scrolls
Kingdom hearts 3