NE: I played Overcooked 2, and it was rad

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Day 1: A New Hope

Not an eventful day for day one, so a quick update. My first game to complete is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. I'm about 3 missions into the game. It's frustrating at times with strangely unbalanced boss fights, but I'm enjoying it for th...


0 down over 260 to go...

I have a problem; I have way too many games. Itís true. Like many of my PC brethren, Steam is the major contributor to my scrolling game library. My only real dilemma is: Iíve played only a handful of them, and Iíve only completed less than...


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Welcome to my Video Game Library Challenge. Keep an eye out for all of my reviews, mid-game rants and just overall stuff that will be showing up while I play through every game I have purchased because it was cheap and then never played!
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