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The infamous embargo

Hmm. This is going to be a short one, I promise. The two of my favorite movies, Matrix and Gladiator respectively, I saw without knowing a damn thing about them. I think the lack of hype and general astonishment with the storyline or qualit...


The rumor mongering of Apple inc.

I know people from the industry follow me. No I'm not a paranoid person. Well most of the time I'm not. But they are listening to me. They are. All the things I say, and all the "Oh I'd so wish for product X to appear with Y features" come ...


The value of demo versions

My father has a saying, and he spent a nice amount of time chiseling it into my mindset. It's actually a Jewish saying, and goes something like "I'm not rich enough to buy cheap things.". Now while this may sound just silly when read withou...


Microsoft's agenda

My room walls keep swelling up in the past year. You see, my brother is somewhat of a film buff, and he likes his DVDs and other format movies. After buying hundreds of them, the shelf space (though extended on multiple occasions) just w...


About neshillone of us since 6:01 PM on 03.02.2007

I'm a gaming enthusiast from Sarajevo. I basically started playing games when I was 4, starting with adventure games on the PC.

At this point, I have every console of this and the last generation, along with a SNES. My 360 is redringed, and I have to call to send it for repair, thanks to the 3 year warranty thing.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my blogs. I study economics (IT and marketing) on college, so I tend to watch many games related topics from that point of view. Hopefully some will find it interesting enough. Do drop a comment and feel free to add me to your friends if you feel we share interests.

Favourite games? Mostly Blizzard games, Kojima's, Fahrenheit, Lucasarts and Sierra adventure games, and others. page:
Deviantart page:

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