DeS: Smash Ultimate: Ridley hits it big time, moves explained

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1 Hour of Gaming: More Voting! YAY!

The results of my hour with Digital Devil Saga are here if missed, or for the newly interested. With the end of my DDS hour comes a new round of voting. Suggestions for free games I can attain online to add to the list are welcome. Cave St...


1 Hour of Gaming: Digital Devil Saga

The votes are in! I shall play Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga for exactly 1 hour, writing as I go. Poor Odin Sphere. Removed from my PS2 well before its time. The timer starts when I start a new game! 5 minutes: It began with a ...


1 Hour of Gaming: My First Spectacular Failure

The voting was heavily in favor of Riddick. However, there is a gigantic problem. Riddick is not playable on the 360. I am vexxed. My apologies to those who voted and anticipated that I would return posting "THIS WAS AWESOME. MY LIFE IS C...


1 Hour of Gaming: Control My Destiny...Sorta.

I have decided that it is time to start using this blog. Many a month was spent agonizing over what neat idea to do. Today it finally hit me. If ANYONE briefly glances over this make that glance less brief. The idea is as follows: 1. I...


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