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Labor Day: Of Course, You Realize, This Means Wark

A lot of Playstation veterans will tell you that Final Fantasy VII is the game for which they got the system, that it was the best Final Fantasy game EV4R, that they would kill for an HD remake, et cetera and so forth. I'll admit that it wa...


NanDEMOnai: The Gunstringer (360/Kinect)

NanDEMOnai is a semi-regular attempt to profile demos for forthcoming games as unbiasedly as possible, based on their own merits and without any consideration of hype, publisher legacy, place within a franchise, or basis on any existing pro...


NanDEMOnai: Warhammer 40,000 - Space Marine (360)

NanDEMOnai is a semi-regular attempt to profile demos for forthcoming games as unbiasedly as possible, based on their own merits and without any consideration of hype, publisher legacy, place within a franchise, or basis on any existing p...


Improvements: Altering The Beast

I've been floating around long enough to appreciate Destructoid's sensitivity to and integration with their community, so it's rather encouraging to see such a direct request for input this week. That being said, I've got a fistful of ideas...


Being Social: We'll Always Have Rainbow Road

Back in 1995, the SNES and Genesis were graced with the precursor to modern, online console networks, in the form of XBAND, a service that let players dial each other up with modems for their game systems via a central connecting service,...


East vs. West: Honor Your Ancestors

When debating the superiority of the eastern game scene and that of the west, there's one thing to keep in mind, regardless of any declines or gains either side has made over recent years. When it comes down to it, without the east, we woul...


Tsavo Highway Ends - 1500 ft

Some amongst you may be aware that this is the last week the anything Halo will be in Bungie's hands. As of tomorrow, August 4th, 2011, the helm of Halo as a franchise will be entirely manned by 343 Industries, thus far responsible for Halo...


Downloadables: I've Loved You For A Thousand Years

Quick confession: I never got into the Scott Pilgrim comic until I heard the film was on the way and under the guidance of Edgar Wright. I'd glanced at the first volume a couple of times, after initial hype made me curious, but I mostly w...


It's All Over Now, Bomber Blue

Tony Ponce may have already given us a great article bidding adieu to Mega Man, but given how close the series is to my own heart, I figured I'd throw my own history with the blue bomber out there. I'm not usually the sort to get up and say...


Digital Distribution: Where's The Creme Filling?

The advent of fully downloadable games seems to be quite the blessing. Entire libraries of games, just a click or some scrolling and button-pressing away, yours concievably forever, virtually theft-proof, waiting for whenever you have the...


Every Journey Begins With A Single Step

And thankfully, none of those steps were part of a retread of Journey Escape for the Atari 2600. I was fortunate enough to score one of the Journey beta codes Dtoid was giving out earlier today, and it's probably the best thing that's ha...


De3layed Reactions: Hey, Sony, Baby I Got Your Money

Now for my take on the Sony Playstation press conference from E3 2011, now that I've finally had a chance to sit through it. I'm not going to lie, I think they did a much better job than Microsoft, even though I'm more of a 360 user than PS...


Making A Right With Three Lefts (4 Dead)

Hey guys, spoilers and speculation regarding Left 4 Dead in here. Though if you haven't already heard the things that fall under the former, you probably have no reason to read this anyway. In a recent bit of Memorial Day related fluff, I ...


P2 Press Start: Before There Will Be Brawl...

...there must be Melee. 184. 381:02. 1477. These are not just any numbers. These are how many times I've fired up my copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee, how many hours and minutes of peoples' lives competing in that game has cost, and how man...


Remember The Heroes

This Memorial Day, I'd like to take a moment from your busy schedules of drinking, barbecuing, and catching up on game backlogs on your day off to acknowledge the real meaning of this holiday. Let us honor the sacrifice of those who have go...


Final Fatigation: Conceding Franchise Burnout

According to my Gamefly queue, I was shipped Dissidia: Final Fantasy nearly a month ago. I only got around to popping it into my PSP last night, so clearly, I was just dying to play it. I was even more excited when I got through the tutoria...


The Twelve Games Of Crimbo - Day III - Twisting Nuts

I'll be honest, I've had plenty of trouble figuring out where to go with verse three. That, and I just got a new computer, so I've been putzing around with that most of the afternoon. But I think this'll do for some last minute inspiration....


The Twelve Games Of Crimbo - Day II - Turtle Power

Today's verse deals less with a particular game than it does with a certain breed of character, though they are only in one franchise's games. Handily enough, their coloration happens to be rather festive. On the second day of Crimbo, my t...


The Twelve Games Of Crimbo - Day I - Bah Punbug

Feeling vaguely moved by the spirit of the season, I thought I'd use unsubtle punnery and strange logic to tie some of my favorite games and game elements to the verses of that irritating chestnut, The Twelve Days Of Christmas. Originally,...


My War (Scott Pilgirm swag contest entry, elaborated)

I posted my list in the thread itself, but couldn't help but illuminate just how my fight for love would go down. As a refresher, my list, in order: 1) Crash Man (Mega Man 2) 2) Master-D/Hitler (Bionic Commando) 3) Gilgamesh (FFV) 4) Kocha...


Alternate Reality: Without Your Eyes Getting Wet

...is a game two can play and both win. - Eva Gabor "Hey man, how's it going? You seem kind of down." "Completely effing depressed is more like it." "What's wrong?" "Oh, I dunno. I just completely scorched my save for this game I've be...


Just checking in.

I don't know if anyone follows me or cares, but I figured I'd mention I'm still alive. Been dealing with Real Life the past month or so, and haven't had the time or been in the mood to play much. Nothing earth-shattering or deep, really; ju...


Noone asked mE3: Nintendo-related Impressions

While I missed seeing Nintendo's E3 2010 conference live due to being at work, I'm kind of glad I did. Everyone seems to have been starstruck by the whole thing, but reading up on everything that was shown after the fact, I seem to have dod...


When My Life Would Depend On An Eight-Point-None

This past week, as with pretty much any other week, a reviewer whose name rhymes with Slim Curling had his opinions called into question by the slavering hordes, namely in regard to Alpha Protocol and ModNation Racers. Reading the actual wo...


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Hi, I'm Chris, though I've been going by nekobun and variants thereof for so long, I kind of answer to both anymore.

While I've kind of got my own thing going in the realm of indie coverage, at least in the form of playing through (and streaming) (and writing about) the huge backlog I'm developing of games gleaned from various indie bundles, I try to keep my more mainstream, game-related features here, as well as opinion pieces on the industry at large, out of mad love for the 'toid. When I'm not rambling here or trying to be clever in comments threads, you can catch me rambling on Facebook and my Twitter, and trying to be clever in the Dtoid.tv chat.

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