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Resolutions: Quad Damage


There're a few projects I've been mulling over or putting off in regards to gaming for a while now, completely separate from the massive backlog that's been building up for years. Given that the world may very well end next December, if a long-dead civilization has anything to say about it, I'd imagine it's high time I got to it. This 2012 (as opposed to all the other 2012s), there are four gaming tasks I aim to get done, or at the very least, started.

1) (Adventure) Islands in the Stream

I've touched on this and mentioned it in passing before, but finally exposing myself (teehee) to the wonders that grace Dtoid's Twitch.TV channel really got some creative juices flowing. Several ideas for video shorts are still backburnered in my mind, stewing for the day I might have the equipment and props necessary to complete them, but seeing live streaming working as a valid form of entertainment rather than just quiet dudes showing off as they click away at whatever blew my mind wide open.

After thinking about things off and on since around October, I finally feel confident that I've got enough different show concepts worth bouncing off an audience; stuff with some thematics rather than just sitting there trying to be funny or comment on things while I play. Just a week or two ago, I realized I should still have a USB video capture cable, which should be enough to at least take a crack at things in standard definition to see if there's any sort of audience for my antics. Worst comes to worst, I can trim some of the concepts down into more encapsulated forms and throw them on my Youtube account, instead.

Gonna take me a bit more time to get things cleaned up around the apartment and work out lighting, angles, and any other set-related issues, but I look forward to going live with The Bun Is In Your Mind in February. Being the shameless attention whore I pretend to be on the internet, I will, of course, be linking things once test runs begin. For all two and a half of you who may actually want to watch.

2) Come Up Screaming

While I'd seen Rock Band and Guitar Hero nights occasionally at bars, especially during my two trips to Vegas, I caught this year's Umloud! charity event (hosted, in part, by MasH TACTICS' Jon Carnage and Wesley Ruscher), and was hooked. By hook or by crook, I aim to find some reason to be in San Francisco next winter, and have a plastic (oh no) band behind me for one song in particular, one I try to get a session in on at least once a week (especially since trying to pin down the five-devil bass part is murder).

Some (read: all) of the details have yet to be worked out, but one of the other Chill Bros has already agreed to join me if this actually comes together, so we just need to find a drummer, a guitarist, and maybe a bassist. I say maybe on that last element because I've not yet decided whether to try and do double duty on vox and bass, or sacrifice my love of the latter to allow more freedom of stage presence.

Either way, it's a great event that I'd love to be a part of, and I'm tired of hitting up karaoke bars that don't have the song in question on their playlists anyway, because I know it by heart. And no, I'm not letting it slip yet, out of undue paranoia that someone might steal it from me come signup time. That, and it may change, if my one-man crusade to get some Jawbreaker tunes as DLC ever succeeds.

I've got until next fall to round out and name the band, and to scrape together airfare and find a place to sleep, so we'll see what happens.

3) Those Don't Wash Off, You Know

Almost five years ago now, I commissioned a certan Peter H. Nguyen to do up a Mega Man Legends-themed tattoo design for me, intending to get it done before the year was out. Alas, between monetary concerns, the tattoo shop I had an in with closing, and the guy there who did my first tattoo ever slightly screwing it up (it's since been fixed with a touchup), I never got around to it, and still haven't.

In the intervening years, that tat idea, intended for my upper right arm, grew some new friends in other concepts, eventually evolving into an entire gaming-inspired half-sleeve. From there, it continued ballooning, and today is part of an ambitious piece I'd like to get, tying together with a music-themed half-sleeve on my left arm (that's at least been started, but also has a ways to go). I think it's about damn time to get some of the core elements laid out and at least linework completed, and perhaps a good chunk of the color as well.

Before anyone chimes in with the "it's permanent, it should mean something to you," argument or its myriad variations, rest assured that one of the other reasons I've held off for this long, and why I've reined in my desire for ink a fair bit, is because I wanted to be sure the work I want done still meant something to me after the spur of the moment. And it does.

Granted, there's still a bit of waiting to do, given that it also hinges on a non-gaming resolution to stop plateauing and finish getting in shape this coming year, but yeah. It's time. All I really need to do now is find some other artists I can commission the various parts to or a decent tattoo artist with some familiarity with gaming, so they'll be able to understand and work with the ideas floating around in my head when we start talking shop.

4) Getting Elbow Deep

Another pet project I've been unable to attend to, mostly due to lack of free time, is learning to code in enough of a capacity to make my own game. Nothing too huge in scope (to be honest, it could probably be done as an extensive SNES hack >_>), but I've been incubating a whole pile of concept material for a fan game for far too long, and would like it to see the light of players' monitors in some form, even as just a Flash title.

There'd probably be a bit of learning how to do sprite art/editing as well, given that I'm looking at a 16-bit look and feel for the whole thing, but I did my fair share of rocking Mario Paint back in the day, so I am not afraid. Even just getting a barebones test alpha together before the year is out would count as a victory. And, should I get even more completed? Well, I hope 343 Industries is as tolerant, if not supportive, of fan-created work as Bungie always was. This should be interesting.

So yeah, I've got some work ahead of me, but I'll consider myself pretty well accomplished if I get around to fulfilling so much as one of the above. Looks to be a fun, nerdy-ass year coming up, and I wish you all the best in completing your own endeavors as well.

On the off chance anyone reading this knows or is a really good artist familiar with Halo, Phantasy Star Online, or .hack//... you have my attention.
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