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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale second string obscura wishlist compilation

With Sony's very own Smash Bros. knoc- I mean, inspired title announced and on its way in the not-too-distant future, players from across the PlayStation brand's lifespan are likely dreaming of just what characters they'd like to see in the game. With only a handful of confirmed and super-likely entrants so far, the sky would seem to be the limit for new fighters.

At the same time, there are worries amongst some that the PlayStation's lack of a distinctly unifying flavor may lead to some strange, barrel-scraping choices when it comes to featured combatants. Personally, I welcome that sort of deep digging. Unique and interesting PlayStation franchises have been popping up since the first system's introduction in 1994, and the initial announcement of PaRappa the Rapper as playable has me hopeful that some other bizarre, mostly-forgotten choices will see the light of day.

The non-release of Vib-Ribbon in North America is one of the greatest crimes against humanity, at least when it comes to video games. For those unfamiliar, Vib-Ribbon was a rhythm game in the vein of more current titles like Audiosurf and Beat Hazard in that the stages were generated based on music you had. There were a few songs on the disc, but the highlight was the ability to pop open the PS1, swap in CDs you owned, and create random levels based on your own music collection. After processing the tracks, 2-D obstacle courses would be created for Vibri to run, varying in speed based on the beat and complexity based on the intensity of the music.

In combat, I could see most of Vibri's repertoire being close combat and vault-based, perhaps with an additional ability to run along any surface in-game, even if it's the bottom of a platform, which would make knocking him off-map a matter of finding somewhere to send him without anything to which to cling.

The Wipeout series has had a thin, overarcing plotline since day one, with pilots in most of the earlier iterations of little to no importance, but Arial Tetsuo was the closest they ever came to actually bothering with building one up. Granted, the most they did, aside from a blurb in the game's manual, was feature her in the music video for Fluke's "Atom Bomb," but it'd still be better than putting one of the cars or something in the game.

Really, I just want her in there so the Quake weapon from Wipeout can make some sort of appearance. Also, donks.

True, there have been Katamari Damacy games on other platforms, but it's clear that with the better number of them on Sony consoles, it's the PlayStation family that the King Of All Cosmos and his kin call home. Someone call Namco Bandai.

Picture it: supers that summon Katamari of various sizes. Rolling up opponents and launching them into space as a finisher. Rolling dashes. Bouncing ridiculously off characters with too much health or momentum to hit. Good times.

I'll be quick to admit that Intelligent Qube wasn't exactly heavy on characterization, nor did it get all that much exposure outside of Japan, but it was one of the first games a lot of people had the pleasure of playing on a PlayStation, and opens the door to a lot of interesting combat abilities.

Summoning blocks to crush other enemies on a platform? Blowing temporary holes underneath other characters? I could see Eliot being a stick-and-move character, hard to master but amazing in the hands of those who spend the time to learn him. Alternatively, just give me an I.Q. stage that threatens to crush everyone fighting over the course of the match.

Taser 'em 'til they light on fire. That's all I'm saying.

Okage: Shadow King is one of the greatest, most-overlooked, weird-ass JRPGs from the PS2 era. With a whimsically oddball world, truly original characters, and a memorable soundtrack, it was an additionally delightful surprise when the game's writing wasn't mangled in translation. All of the story's main players would be ripe for use as fighters, but chances are, Ari and Stan are the only combo likely to garner any recognition.

Team-up attacks would probably be the main jam, with Ari's (sloppy) sword techniques being supplemented by mid-range followups from Stan. Maybe a little magic as well, and I'd love to see assists from the other party characters, but we'd be lucky to see anyone from Okage in the first place. If it does happen, I'll take what I can get.

Another third-party character, but Gitaroo Man never escaped the gravitational pull of the PlayStation world, either, and much like PaRappa, he's long overdue for a revisit.

Rocking out across the board, assist attacks from Puma, a giant robot suit super, and a stage based on Born To Be Bone or the battle with Mojo King Bee? YES, PLEASE, AND THANK YOU.

At this point, why the hell not? They've got a stage based on Buzz!, chrissakes.
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