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Demon's Souls: Lost Journal of Necrozen the Unwise Day 1


Demon Souls: Lost Journal of Necrozen the Unwise

Hello fair souls, it is I, Necrozen the Unwise. I am here to share the tales of my many journeys within the universe of the PS3 Game Demon's Souls. You will see this world through the dark tinted glasses of an evil being. It isn't easy being a dark soul surrounded by so many white knights, thirsty for your blood, but I make the best of it. The few of us who remain are subject to much hatred, humiliation and suffering - or perhaps it is just me, for my name does not lie. I am forever cursed to be unwise.

So for those Dark Souls out there, bent on invading and raining on the parades of the goody little two-shoes, let these papers before you serve not as a guide of what to do, but rather a manifesto of what NOT to do. I may not always know where things went wrong (I refer you back to my name) but even if I don't offer great detail at times, you can at least get a hearty chuckle at my expense. It would warm the cockles of my cold dead soul to know that my death meant something to someone, even if it is just a joke!

Day One
Location: The Archstone of the Shadowmen, Adjudicator Archstone
Current Mood: Hungry for Chaos!

And so it began!!

I ran down the steps of the first arched exit and kick-turned off the landing to face the dark hallway where I planned to do my evil bidding. Once inside, having narrowly escaped the large stinger of a creepy flying stingray thing, I stopped full, found a good spot, and dropped my Black Eye Stone. As I sat and waited, that familiar feeling of excitement vibrated down my spine. I knew I would wreak havoc on the fool white-hearted bastard on the other side of the portal, it was just a matter of time!

I vanished in a puff of nothing and appeared back at the entrance of the Adjudicator (what the hell does that mean anyway?). I made my way down the steps, off the landing and as I turned my head toward the long hallway, I saw two white-lights coming toward me full tilt. I grasped the hilt of my Soulbrandt and pulled the Tower Shield closer to me. TIME FOR CHAOS!

The one who hit me first was in body form, my target, and he dealt a heavy blow with what looked like a Demonbrandt, although it is hard to tell the brand of sword when it is slashing at your head. A quarter of my health fell away immediately. I quickly went for a full moon grass, but it was too late. The blue mage my mark had summoned earlier cast some kind of ground-explodey type spell and it wiped me out with one hit. I gasped and fell to my knees. not only was my pride wounded, but so was my soul.

Note: Avoid mages who know the powerful magic of the ground explodey spell!
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