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10 Thing you didn't know about The Bones!

Thought I'd jump on the bandwagon.

1. nebones is an anagram of my name in real life.

2. I have a tumor on the left side of my neck, it's not fatal or anything it just gets a bit blotted.

3. I play drums irl.

4. I'm a huge sports fan, and love nearly all sports, so I'm doing this hardcore gamer nerd thing all wrong.

5. I studied Arborictultre at TAFE and hope to become a full time climber. The highest I've climber is 32 meters, highest cut I've made is 35m, and I've got 20m and hung upside down.

6. I collect Orks in Warhammer 40. Kinda, I have a bunch but I can't be fucked painting them.

7.I've been with my girlfriend for 18 months, witch is apparently pretty amazing since I'm only 18.

8.I bungy jumped of a 400m cliff.

9.I had to repeat 3rd grade :[ !

10. I fucking love dtoid, it's true, I do.

This is the worst 10 list ever.
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