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Im 24 years old i live in the Goldcoast, Australia and loving right now.
My first system was a master system and wonder boy was my first game. I generally get around to playing most of the mainstream games sooner or later, although I'm into modding and indie stuff as well. My favourite titles are Half life 2 and co. (shock horror), Metal Gear Solid series (first is best and shock horror again), Resident Evil(once again first is best although that might be nostalgia talking, even though i can still play it today and love the horrible voice acting "almost became a Jill sandwich"), Silent Hill , you get the idea.

I work in the games industry as an artist, lots of fun but lots of hours as well so if i don't update my cblog all that often its cause I'm busy making games ;).
I find Destructoid to be a really close nit community but not impenetrable and its really awesome to see how so many people with so many different tastes can work together to make something so beautiful *tear*.
Cheers guys and gals