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Video game scholarships

This may be old news, but I thought I'd share any way. Penny Arcade is offering a $10,000 scholarship for students who plan to work in the video game industry. You need to send in 2 recommendations, a 2 page essay, and stuff that can be ea...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

This is my gaming setup in my college dorm. Yes, my computer monitor is bigger than my TV. PS2, Xbox 360, TV, and girl stuff. I also have a DS, but I forgot to take it out of my bag for the picture. My sexy Shuttle! System specs are...


About natsone of us since 10:47 AM on 03.10.2008

I'm a college student and I want to design video games after I graduate. I tend to like RPGs, but I'll play just about anything. Zombies, ninjas, pirates, and cuteness are pluses.

Favorite games:
Starcraft: Brood War
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
World of Warcraft (we broke up)

Games I want:
Starcraft II
Diablo III
Final Fantasy XIII
Rock Band: Beatles

Currently playing:
Starcraft: Brood War

I also like:
Living in cities
Eating delicious food
Art history