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Steam Summer Sale: WHAT 'U' GET!?!?

*****Update #2*****

I got Battleblock Theater! Oh and I might get burned. It seems like Risk of Rain is potentially going to be half the price I bought it for yesterday. It sucks when they do this.

*****Update #2*****

So Wasteland 2 went on a flash sale good enough to sucker me in. I feel bad that I couldn't donate to the kickstarter because financial reasons and I feel bad also for buying the Deluxe Edition/Early Access discounted but that's all in the past now. I am about to fire it up, look through the perks as well, and that has me very excited!

Also, Stanley Parable is looking very tempting now on it's current deal. Hehehe..

*****Update #1*****

Risk of Rain and Papers Please both went on flash sales. I got Risk because, again, Rogue-likes are my thing now I think. As for Papers Please I chose not to. Realizing that this is incredibly cheap of me, it's at a consideration price point; I have to think about it first. And I think not. Don't get me wrong, I support Papers Please and think it's a wonderful game otherwise but I can't just see myself playing it (at home) at all.

Maybe it'll get cheaper? After all Risk of Rain was twice the price I just bought it for yesterday. We shall see...

*Original Post*

As many of you already well know, it's fucking hot out. And more importantly, Valve is off its meds and passing the insanity onto us. I am talking of the Steam Summer Sale.

Normally I don't participate. I'm just not a PC gamer (though I'll forget all about that when Wasteland 2 drops haha). Also my steam backlog is like everyone else's as is. So why the hell would I buy more? Well this year I caved. The sale is just phenomenal.

So what'd I get?

[So Far] I purchased The Witcher 2, Super House of Dead Ninjas, Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe, Eversion and Fatal Labyrinth

Witcher 2. Seemed like a no brainer since I have the original -- though it's on the backlog and has not yet been touched -- and I want to get up to speed for the 3rd installment.

Super House of Dead Ninjas. Actually my first purchase and funnily enough I was excited about this game despite having it confused with another...

Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe. Yeah, I got to test out this one at a trade show and for whatever reason I left thinking it was the aforementioned Ninja game. Regardless I love Adult Swim games and both of these were instant-buys at the sick deals.

Eversion. This one was a bit of a weird purchase. I already played Eversion a long time ago. It's freeware isn't it? Surely the version on steam must have new content then or something. Anyway, I thought, it's a great game, it's a fair deal and I'd like to support the creator(s) since it's such a lovely title. I bought it.

Fatal Labyrinth. Last but not least, this rogue-like classic. Many of you know I played quite a bit of Spelunky and since I've been in the market for more rogue-like games. So man was I fascinated by the idea of a rogue-like for the genesis. Still rogue-likes can be a bit off-putting because of the necessity to learn the mechanics and tricks on your own (see also: research) and keeping that fresh in your head. I think Spelunky hit a nice place because the doohickeys are straightforward and all you need to memorize is the basic path. Anyway, I bring this up because the idea of buying several rogue-like games, each with their own logics and mechanisms, all at once, gives me brainfreeze. So I limited myself to just a few of them, this being the first.

And that's it. There's obviously still plenty of sale left, I believe one more week. So I'll probably be adding to this at the top, Update style. I'll bet there are still plenty of great deals upcoming. But for now, this'll do. I ask you, WHAT DID U GET!?! ...and proceed to kick back with a refreshing cold Summer Ale.
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