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You will be missed. 2001 - 2015 ATHF RIP. ... oh and uh, GET OUT OF MY FREAKING POOL!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vNZ-KJwdeg


Just throwing this idea out there (and I purposefully didn't go to support with this but think the community should 'weigh in') but instead of How many dixons you can leave based on your follower count, how about no. of Dixons based on your Cblog count?


It's your last chance to to ask things for tonight's PStoid with Digtastik: Any questions? Leave them here! Anything you want to have us discuss on air? Comment with those too! Wanna win the lottery? Can't help you there!


Reminder: PStoid records this weekend and you have your opportunity to ask questions. We will be joined by Dig so be sure to ask him things, specifically.


Thought of the day: R* need to remake GTA:IV. And damn I need to play that one again soon. It's been far too long.


all that time we spent bitching about RB4/GH10's set lists of songs was wasted: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony%20%27s%20#Soundtrack Just... oh god, what?


guys I think I had a dream about Andy Dixon.


PStoid #30 records today, you still have a little time to ask questions!


Fallout Shelter: Impossible to Learn, Easy to Master.


also Fallout Shelter just made me utter this: "I have to get these pregnancies done.." life is trivial in this game!


-nudge nudge- hey Sony, discount Ys: I and II Chronicles and Ys: Seven on the PSP :D


Any Ys know-it-alls out there? Just beat Origins and I have many confusions.


it's your last chance to get questions in for PStoid, we've got everybody's favorite boner haver on tonight ask 'em if you got 'em! http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/PStoid/a-new-pstoid-bathrob-i-mean-episode-with-andy-dixon-also-questions-ask-them--306518


[url="http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/PStoid/a-new-pstoid-bathrob-i-mean-episode-with-andy-dixon-also-questions-ask-them--306518.phtml"]You can ask questions here[/url] for the new episode of PStoid, did I mention Dixon will be guest host? Yeah he is.


It's day 2 of NYGX!! Go watch yourself some good VF'ing over at twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/nyc%20


Check me out I'm on Tv mom!! Fighting game tournament, Twitch: NYC%20


PStoid is recording in a week, spoiler, you're gonna need some lotion for the guest we're bringing on. Or maybe it's that they'll need lotion? Either way you're gonna love it. More deets soon.


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