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drawing board: I wanna be a New Vegas Radio host


As some of you might know, I stream every Friday on the dtoid community channel Streamtoid roundabout 2pm eastern. Right now I am early into my playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas, the well documented almost my favorite game ever... it is believed. And as promised to the viewers of the twitch channel, I have finally got around to installing some radio mods for the game to really expand on the relatively meager base soundtrack. Not to mention the curiosity of what radio stations are out there -- everything went well in case you're wondering except I am not sure if the GNR -> New Vegas mod installed correctly and for some reason Radio New Vegas breaks some times (oh well).

In the search to get new radio stations I realized that some of the modders that made custom stations with new music for the game used their own voice over for the "hosts" to give it a more authentic feel. Well let me tell you that that is just swell. So swell in fact, that I am now interested in making my own radio station mod, using my own voice work.

Here are a few ideas I came up for segments or other things that could go into this sort of project:

[ ]  -  This is a great opp. for essentially Fallout fanfic. I can definitely make up some sort of backstory -- ideas include: a new group of outcasts that commandeered a radio station and are using it to update the people of the Mojave wastes on their struggle

[ ]  -  OR alternatively this series is full of so much backstory that the options are mind boggling. Maybe I could create a host that was involved in the takeover of Hoover Dam by the NCR? Perhaps a follower of the Megaton Church? Or maybe a radio station based more around one of the DLC packs... which brings me to another idea that I got from one of my installed mods.

[ ]  -  New Vegas has a ton of DLC content, some of which got their own radio stations but others didn't. And even for the ones that did, touching on the DLC stories/locations/characters is a great idea.

[ ]  -  One idea I came up jokingly is to do a segment where I fake a fireside chat type political talk show radio but with the thematics from the game, only it is done entirely in my native language! My people love talk show radio and arguing and for some reason I have fond memories listening to these things when I was younger, which gives me a lot of cool minor details that I can include into it. Honestly this would be half joking but I'd like to go full ham on this sub-bullet.

[ ]  -  And of course, MUSIC! There is a ton of free music available online and especially that old Public domain stuff. Not to mention there isn't anything wrong with using some songs from other stations. But again, there should be a lot out there as is.

I'll try to come back to blog post as it is more of a scrap of ideas and add anything as I go along. As I'm pretty busy anyway this isn't going to be a heavily invested project just something fun to do that gets my creative organs off. Tell me what you think of this. Include a suggestion if you have any. Or just say what's up with you and what your favorite Fallout radio station is!

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