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The "NEW" Console Generation

I imagine the vast majority of people will see this title and do one of two things, either sigh or get angry for no apparent reason because of quotation marks. A snippet of background.... I am a PC gamer, owned a PS3 (7 of them, long story...


Thoughts on Teenage Pokemon So I was finally able to watch the episodes and was surprised by where things went. It was something along the lines of half being about stupid internet vi...


Goodbye Demon's Souls...

Many years ago, it seems like it now, a little known game was released. Demonís Souls. After the gaming press pooped their pants with excitement, and hearing about it for many months I decided it was time to actually invest in an annoying...


The Dark Side of PC Gaming

Well, I am amid a computer-tastrophe of sorts. I have no idea why my PC restarted itself a few weeks ago. I took off my OC that I had been running for over 9 months now. I cleaned the dust filters which were immensely dirty and airflow ...


Games as Escape vs. Release

The title would suggest that I have been going through some things, quite frankly, yes. Needless to say it is often nice to turn to a quick round of CS:S or something similar to get my frustrations out, but quite honestly it never works th...


About nabokovfan87one of us since 4:47 PM on 06.12.2009

Hey everyone,

I am a long time gamer, I mostly play PC stuff now since my 7th ps3 was stolen (no, not a joke, it is a ridiculously long story I will write sometime). I took up listening to podcasts and making one myself ( I spend an immense amount of time just checking out what is going on in the hardware world, I have built 2 pcs, working on a third (first liquid cooled machine), and am about to graduate as a computer engineer.

You may ask yourself what else I enjoy, well... not a lot of time goes into much else. I watch football on sundays and run a fantasy league, watch hockey when my team ends up making the playoffs, and I check in on my favorite player from time to time (username hint hint... Evgeni Nabokov).

If there is anything else you want to know heat over to my podcast site and click on "about us", or hit up the CBlog, I am sure I will answer mostly anything you all would like to know.


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