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RECAP: Month of Zelda + Community Q's!


It’s now rapidly approaching the end of February 2015, which I designated as my Month of Zelda to celebrate the release of Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D and the New Nintendo 3DS on which to play it. It seems like an absolute age ago that I signed up for the petition and joined the Facebook group to get this game remastered and rereleased onto Nintendo’s premier handheld console; I’m currently playing through it for the first time and *absolutely loving it*. To celebrate this month I’ve done some rereleasing of my own, republishing and rewriting an article from my old blog about the Zelda games I’ve played through in recent years. I’ve also written reviews for the New 3DS XL ‘Majora’s Mask’ edition as well as the previous entry in the series, ‘A Link Between Worlds’. Here are the links for a full recap:

Now I’d like to hear some community feedback. Whilst writing the review for Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds I got thinking about how people all seem to have differing ideas about which Zelda they liked best, which was the best art style, which had the best temples, etc. I was thinking, how would *you* design a new Legend of Zelda game and what elements from previous entries are worth reinvestigating? So, here are some questions, if you feel inclined then pop your answers down in the comments and we’ll get a discussion going:

  1. What was your favourite Zelda game from a gameplay perspective? (eg. the motion controls of Skyward Sword? the stylus control of Phantom Hourglass? the Z-lock of Ocarina of Time? etc.)
  2. What was your favourite Zelda game from an art-style perspective? (eg. the realistic graphics of Twilight Princess? the cell-shaded style of Wind Waker? the retro-2D look of Minish Cap? etc.)
  3. What was your favourite Zelda game from a gimmick perspective? (eg. the light/dark worlds of Link to the Past? wolf-form of Twilight Princess? painting ability of Link Beween Worlds? etc.)
  4. What was your favourite Zelda game from a story perspective? (eg. the grand prequel of Skyward Sword? the apocalyptic Majora’s Mask? the dreamlike Link’s Awakening? etc.)
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