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Final Fantasy Month (May & June 2015)


Something I have been enjoying thus far in 2015 is theming my months of gaming. Already this year I’ve had a Month of Zelda and a Month of ‘Souls, where I have written articles and reviews of videogames in the Legend of Zelda series and ‘Souls series respectively. I’ve found this very rewarding as not only have they coincided with the release of new games in those long-running franchises, but also it’s allowed me to get through a fair chunk of my backlog to boot. Both of those months have also, through sheer coincidence, been the themes of the ‘Band of Bloggers’ topics, and I’ve enjoyed being part of a community of writers taking part in that initiative; submitting articles and editorials that I might otherwise have never conceived on my own.

I’ve enjoyed these focussed months of gaming *so much* in fact that I aim to continue it throughout 2015 if I can, and this month I’m going to concentrate on the Final Fantasy series of videogames. Final Fantasy Month will actually run across May and June, mainly because the games are often quite lengthy and with work taking up my free time right now, I might not get all the things I want done within a single month. There are some new releases that I would like to cover, and which have been some of my most anticipated games this year, as well as a chunk of backlog I might get through, and some lighter mobile games to squeeze in between larger endeavours. Here are the games that I hope to cover across May and June:

Final Fantasy Type 0 HD was actually released back in March (which turned out to be my Month of Zelda so I couldn’t play it) and I had it pre-ordered for such a long time before picking it up, well now I will actually get the time to sit down with it and see a different, darker, take on Final Fantasy. Also included with this release is the demo title Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae, a teaser for the full game hopefully launching much later this year; although I’m dubious about its 2015 release date and it could likely spill over to next year instead. Both of these games are by the same director and both supposedly focus on a much more action-RPG dynamic than the previous traditional Final Fantasy games, with more mature gritty overtones in their storylines. These are likely the games that I will concentrate on first and most, and will try to play them through to completion within the month.

For something lighter when I need it, or if the television is in use by my other half, I also plan to play through Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, a sequel of sorts to the original Theatrhythm game, which I *loved*. This is a 3DS rhythm and music game, and has a grand collection of classic songs from right across the Final Fantasy series, as well as having lots of the central and most memorable characters in the saga to play with. In a similar vein, I have also downloaded Final Fantasy Record Keeper to my smartphone, which is a free-to-play game relying on nostalgia to keep you battling though its many encounters as you replay scenes from old games but in an old-school art style. I’m not expecting much from this second game, but I’ll give it a go once I’ve exhausted myself tapping in time with the beats on my 3DS.

Lastly, the dreaded backlog! If I finish the above mentioned games before the end of June I also have a couple of Final Fantasy videogames already in my backlog that I need to pick up again and play through. For the Vita and PlayStation TV there is Final Fantasy X HD (and Final Fantasy X-2 HD), a remastered re-release of one of my all-time favourite videogames, which I originally played way back on the PS2 upon its original release. I’ve had this sitting in my collection a while now, looking for the perfect excuse to play it again, and this month might just provide that excuse. Also, for the PS3, I have the third part of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy in Lighting Returns Final Fantasy XIII. This is also supposedly quite an action-packed entry in the series, and might be good to follow-up from the PS4 titles if I’m still in the mood for that sort of game. Playing either of these two would help to clear some backlog and I’m determined to try and squeeze at least one of them in.

As well as these games listed above I will also be writing some blog posts about previous games in the series, as well as special features and editorial pieces concerning Final Fantasy videogames. In the future I plan to continue with these themed months of gaming, and already I’ve got in mind a Month of Metal Gear and Month of Persona to coincide with new releases coming up later in 2015.

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