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10 things about the Nerd!

I'm fairly new here.... This is only my 3rd blog. But here goes!

10) I'm a security guard. It's not uncommon to have female security guard, but one of the field I'm looking into doesn't have many female's. And that's okay! I'm looking into being an Automotive Tech.

9) I hate bluetooth headsets, and I avoid them as much as possible. I will admit that they are useful for somethings, like talking while driving. And I have a friend that has one that he uses with his PS3. But outside the car and gaming, they should NOT be used. I mean just watch the people who use them! They look like they are talking to themselves. And I'm at work and someone has it on, they answer the phone and say hi. I think that the are talking to me. But NO! Grrr...

8) I'm in constant need of Chap Stick. My lips get chapped really easy, and it's annoying. Anyone have any?

7) I love Dr. Pepper!. It's an adiction...

6) If you let me be, I'm a talkive person! I'm an open book. And I'll tell my life story to anyone who will listen! Not that it would be to entertaining. But I do actually have some interesting stories. And if you don't wanna hear me talk about anything... Just tell me to shut up. lol!

5) I've had about 7 to 10 jobs since about 2004. Yeah... not my proudest thing. But the job i'm currently at, I've had about a year and a half. So it's getting better!

4) Not only am I a Gamer, I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan! Yep, Harry Potter! I LOVE the books! I know just about everything there is to know about them! I have 14 Harry Potter books (both Britsh and American editions of the books), 7 Movies (even though 5 are out), Harry Potter 1 - 4 on the GameCube, PS2 and PC. Harry Potter 5 on the PS2 and Wii! And a BUNCH of collectors items that I own.

3) I'm a text whore! I really am! Just ask my friends! It's the most awesome thing ever invented! It's easier to get a hold of me by texting me... Not that it's imposible to call me...

2) I can't stand liers! Not even little white ones, depending on the occation. I know that this is a hypocrite
statement, but I do have my share of little white lies. But not as often as most!

1) And the number 1 thing about me!: I'm one of the most trustworthy and honest people you will ever meet! Really! I am! I'll keep anything secret! And when I'me being honest, sometimes it can be brutal.

That's is really me in a nutshell....

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