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So I'm extremely excited for Square Enix's new MMO; codenamed: Rapture.

I played Final Fantasy XI Online when it first came out and... for about 3 and a half more years after that. Definitely sucked up a huge chunk of my life, but that's fine, cause I enjoyed it.

There's been tons of speculation and rumors going around about this new MMO, but apparently, they're going to announce some more about it at E3 '09 so I'm CHOMPING AT THE BIT.
I read in the crazy E3 psychic predictions article that the new MMO "will be announced at E3"; according to Madame Christine.

I really hope it's worth the wait and anticipation. It might be new IP; I'm not sure if it was Yoichi Wada or not, but someone at SE said that it will be different from Final Fantasy XI, but I don't know if it's completely un-FF related. I just don't want to see machine guns and all that stupid crap. Give me a sword, some magic, and a chocobo and I'm sold.

Now all I need to year is a release date within a year or year and a half and I'll be a happy camper. Goodbye decent grades in college.

So who's excited for "Rapture"?
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