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Resistance 2

I know, I know... I am the proud owner of a PS3 Paper Weight... Honestly... I like it! I don't really have a problem with it and I seem to enjoy the time that I have on it, even if I don't own MGS4 yet. I'm not sure if anyone has posted the...


Half-Life Fans

Have you ever wondered about some of the things that are going on in Half Life? Wanna know what the combine exactly are? How about the planet Xen and all those aliens. A LOT of answers can be found at the Half Life Saga Story Guide Quote f...


What up community?

I guess I should start off by saying this is not only my first blog but also first time browsing destructoid. Just joined the community and by the looks of it I can tell I am going to like it. Before I actually started blogging I had to imm...


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