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New Gamer Dictionary: Rage-Phrase

Ah yes, the Rage-Phrase. My submission to the NGD. Haven't heard of it? Fear not, for it is still in its infancy. "What is a Rage-Phrase?" one might ask? It's something that we, as gamers, all have by default. Alone or with friends, we al...


My love/hate with everything Halo

After just finishing ODST, my mind has wandered back to my beginnings with the Halo series. I've had my ups and down with the games, but one things for sure: these games have made a huge impact on gaming and are, like it or not, forever e...


i deliver the goods

i was surprised to get the amount of comments that i did after my first blog post. usually when i write anything it never really gets any attention. isn't it ironic then that when i write about nothing, it gets recognized? thanks for the co...


welcome to blogdom, friend

welcome welcome welcome. this is my first attempt at a gaming blog. i've tried normal, "LOL dis me" blogs before, but they never really panned out. and i just kept reverting to games anyways. i've got a few things planned out for this but...


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