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The Internet, Seriousness, and Why You Shouldn't Do It

This is going to be a short post, because my main argument for why you shouldn't get all serious and angry about stuff on the internet (especially on a VIDEO GAME WEBSITE) is "dude, chill out. Seriously. Whatever it is, it is not as big of a deal as you're making it. Also, understand what an opinion is."

Right, what was that first point? Oh yeah, chill the fuck out. Here, have a look at this:

Get it? It's like "we have a problem", but they replaced "we" with "Wii", as in the video game console which is pronounced exactly like "we". It's funny!

That is the kind of stupid, funny shit the average internet user is into. Hilarious shit is great. It's why I come to the internet half the time.

If I wrote on the internet professionally, maybe my opinion would be different... OR WOULD IT!? Have you read Destructoid recently? Seriousness is a thing that sometimes is maybe sprinkled over a few of the articles. And that is part of what makes it great. If I wanted to read boring-ass focused-on-objectivity stuff, I would not have Destructoid and GiantBomb accounts.

Seeing people's differing opinions is cool, I guess. If I was more pretentious, I might even call it "interesting", but that's just another way of saying "cool" as far I'm concerned, Podtoid. If you have loved and hated all the same games Jim Sterling loves and hates, then you should buy games based on his reviews. If your opinions differ, maybe you shouldn't read his reviews. For example, I haven't agreed with a Jim Sterling review since I first discovered Destructoid. I don't get angry, though.

Why would I? Because Jim Sterling and I aren't the same person? Fuck naw! The dude thinks differently than I do. Simple as that. I respect his opinion, and I also respect his funny-ass writing a lot of the time. If you step back and take it as an opinion, rather than taking it as a personal attack on your game preferences, you might catch some of the humour as well.

I'm using Jim Sterling as an example a lot of us here at Destructoid can relate to. I'm not defending or verbally assaulting him. As I said before, we differ on pretty much everything - other than how funny it is when people take things on the internet too seriously - but I still like his work because he's him, and he does his thing, and it's usually funny.

So lighten up, y'all! Nobody wants to anger you. Nobody is condemning your method of thinking or your opinions. They're just putting what they think out there, and the reason they're getting paid for it is because they can write better than you and me. Oh, and also because they spend almost all their time playing video games for professional purposes.

I don't play nearly enough video games to be able to talk about them professionally. Shit, I loved Assassin's Creed. And the second one. The second one wasn't as disliked as the first one (outside Destructoid, that is) though. The first one was. Nobody liked that. I did. YOU CAN JUMP OFF A FUCKING MILLION-METER-TALL TOWER INTO A 1-METER-DEEP HAYSTACK WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE?!

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